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WhatsApp – Introduction and How to install WhatsApp

Updated on September 10, 2012

WhatsApp Logo

WhatsApp is a platform designed for people that need text messaging, chats and video calls integrated in a unique and reliable application. The program is available for all kinds of terminals, and those phones can interact one to the other using WhatsApp.

Besides the classical facilities, you can create groups of friends, and you can send those images, texts and files. WhatsApp is developed by two smart engineers that were in this business for decades, and their experience allowed them to come with this integrated communication solution that is now used by millions of people all over the world.

WhatsApp is build under the principle of efficiency. This means that the application offers all the facilities that you can get from other programs of this kind, with the difference that it is hassle free. Moreover, considering the fact that the application is adds-free, it is considered as convenient by so many people.

WhatsApp Video Tutorial

Our world today is based on communication, and WhatsApp is the program that brings communication to a new level, allowing the users to benefit of a free solution of this kind.

As WhatsApp is available for all the platforms, you can find the installing kit in many internet locations, but also in App Store and in Google Play. The program is installed on your computer or telephone in seconds, and it does not even occupy so much space!

As the popularity of this application grows as we speak, you can think about installing it right now, as in the near future, everybody would use this platform for communicating. Whether you need a reliable chat or a method to send free messages to all your friends, than WhatsApp is the program that you need, a program that will change the way people communicate.


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    • debbiepinkston profile image

      Debbie Pinkston 5 years ago from Pereira, Colombia and NW Arkansas

      This App is becoming more and more popular, even here in Colombia.

      I recently got WhatsApp on my iphone, so that I can chat with my son and daughter while I'm in Colombia. I use it only at home on the wifi connection and have turned off the roaming features of my phone, so that my U.S. phone bill doesn't get charged for any hidden roaming fees. It's basically like having a small computer with messaging capability even though the phone line is not being used.

    • profile image

      rgmg50 5 years ago

      Very useful hub. I began using Whatsapp recently and it is as you say very convenient.