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When Children Of Abuse Overcome.

Updated on December 8, 2009


When Children Overcome Abuse!




Tiny flower crushed

into hiding by a brute foot...
buried in the filthy mud

of shame and pain...
petals bent and bruised,

once a lovely blossom..
wrenched from all the joy it knew.

Forced to submit to

ways that were not flowery....
then tossed aside like

a dying rose on one's grave...
and forgotten....perhaps..


But the sun of other's hope
can find the broken plant

and true warmth stems the wilt
and the rain of tears

washes away the grime
and nourishes the soul

of the plant by removing
irritants and adding nutrients.

Soon the whispering

blue  skies

call for it to rise
and shed beauty all

around it as before...
and soft gentle breezes

of love brush away

what was soiled 

and now it stands tall again 

enjoying sweet nectar
in the form of words

that are not violent, metal hard

but are violet petal soft...
and pretty as a primrose...

thus it emits a sweetness
that moves others

to bloom beyond
the mere thoughts

of  self dignity.

Now this garden

of sadness has a center
that radiates love and joy

and the poisoned ivy
it has wound between

the shadowed barriers 

pulls down the walls around it...

and the light it finds
is like a thousand suns unleashed..
and the world is safe

once more at least
in one tiny souls beliefs.


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