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When to Blog and When to Hub

Updated on July 14, 2013

Who are you targeting?

If you are reading this, there is a higher probability that you are trying to get more readership for your articles for various reasons. Blogging and Hubbing are similar concepts and I now am back and doing both. I use Blogger for purposes of writing blogs (obviously). They recently did a major update to it and it is quite spectacular. I was very pleased to see that my original blog bitsbyBozoplay was still there in all of its nooby glory after 4 ½ years of inactivity. At one time I wrote a blog called stuff123 hosted by which is now defunct and so is all the posting on that blog.

So the lesson here is you will now be doing all your draft work in Word and save it for posterity. Despite what people say. “Once it is on the Internet it is there forever” ain’t necessarily so. (I love it when Word says “ain’t is not a correctly spelled word). The other reasons for working in Word are that you can use your English (UK English since I am a Canadian), it has grammar checking and a more robust spell-checker and the most important of all for a writer is the thesaurus. Writing is painting pictures with words so it is of the utmost importance to use the words that best describe the picture you are now crafting. Yes writing is an art.

Who do you want to reach

OK, back to the title subject matter. Generally speaking a blog is more suitable for articles that have a much tighter focus such as this one that I wrote as my first article upon revisiting bitsbyBozoplay.

CNE Stock Car Racing in the early Sixties

Obviously that is a very specific target grouping that would involve people that are seeking information regarding stock car racing in Toronto back in the time when that took place at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds in the early nineteen sixties. So if you wrote a hub on this subject matter, you would expect it get very few hits.

Hubs are much better suited to general interest topics such as recipes, home computer use, writing, and sports as just some of the examples. The key here is that the readership base expands to include at least a national audience or to a broader base of an international audience.

You can link them back and forth which will increase your potential readership as long as you don’t conflict with any of the rules that cover that in As an example I originally had two links to bitsbyBozoplay (two links to a single domain) which is not allowed under Hubpages rules. Just refer to the Help section of Hubpages for clarification on that matter. An example is that you are not allowed to write about gambling for making money in Hubpages where a blog would be an acceptable format as long as it doesn’t conflict with guidelines set by the Blog hosting site—in my case, Google.

This is just a brief overview to give you an idea of what to do. It all depends on your subject matter and who you want to reach and whether you are trying to generate revenue or just enjoy writing for its own sake and would like to make it available to others. There is no reason why you can’t do both.

Work on painting better pictures and watch your readership grow.

Make your audience laugh

Yes making people laugh doesn't hurt either. I tend to stay away from topics that are just straight humour in Hubpages and just place stuff in stories to help understand the concept a little better.

How I would beat Tiger at golf


Imagine David Feherty as a NASCAR Commentator are two fun stories that I chose to enter in my blog instead of Hubpages. I would give you the links but that is against Hubpages policy (no multiple links to a single domain) so you will have to google or get creative to find them if you want to read that stuff. They were tons of fun to write. On a scale of one to ten, they were an eleven.


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