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AI taking over the world: Just the beginning...

Updated on January 29, 2015

For decades computer technology has exponentially grown to something only thought up in Sci-Fi (as in science-FICTION) movies from the past. Who's to say some of those writers weren't unknowingly predicting the future? Most notably stuff like the Terminator movies portray: machines taking over the world, killing off the human population. This crazy idea from a movie made in 1984 (31 years ago!) could, in fact, be a blurry vision seen in a crystal ball showing the future eradication of humans.

Robots are a tech-geeks favorite subject. One of the first documented "robots" was created by the Greek mathematician Archytas in the 4th century B.C. "The Pigeon" was operated by water, falling weights, and steam. Today, robots can do almost anything. The term "Robot" can be categorized in an infinite amount of ways, and I really don't feel like writing a book, so here's my opinionated view of robots: When I watch the YouTube videos of humanoid robots walking, dancing, responding to questions, etc..., I can't help but imagine those crazy, functioning machines getting pissed off and reaching over and choking some poor sap that decided to harass the cute little bot with questions about the future, or how his day went, or what it thinks about the latest antics Justin Bieber has partaken in... I could keep ranting on forever about this stuff, but I'll keep it to my simple opinion: By the end our (the ever so clever nicknamed "Millennial") generation this will be happening with technology:

Flying Cars: Imagine all the dumbass drivers, that are already on the roads pissing each other off on the short drive to McDonalds, will now get to rise above the somewhat organized grid of pavement covering the land. This means dodging these assholes on a whole new axis of motion. I can't help but imagine the douchebags that already can't get the concept of merging BEFORE they're 10 feet from the exit, trying to navigate to the intended destination.

Household robots: Mechanical failure making brownies, god forbid the delicious pan of brownies going up in flames. Maybe they'll be social bastards that use up all the minutes so now you've got a $2000 phone bill.

Computers that read minds (keep in mind when I say "read minds" I mean through that stupid contraption derived form the wristbands that track everything we do evolved into a stupid contraption hooked up to our head somehow that can decipher what's going on in our polluted minds): Now I'm accidentally looking up porn when I flip open my laptop at the local coffee shop. 'nuff said there.

Car stereo systems that read minds: When I'm in a happy-go-lucky mood cruising (or flying) around, my stereo's blaring "Call Me Maybe" much to my embarrassment (what can I say, it's a catchy tune).

TV's synced up with that damn mind reading device: Turn it on to watch some romantic comedy with a nice date and-click, there's "Cool as Ice", that bad-ass movie starring none other than that brilliant, multi-talented gentleman, Vanilla Ice.

Phones: With the technology advancing at this rate , these phones will be small enough to fit inside your earhole, which is a weird thought but I'm sure I'd be used to it by then thus forgetting about it while I clean said earhole with a Q-tip, accidentally digging that $10,000 phone out and unknowingly tossing it into the garbage.

GPS tracking everywhere you go: "I stopped by to meet up with some friends for a drink after work, what's the big deal? I swear "Leave it to Beavers" is a new bar dedicated to the classic TV show....

I could go on forever about this, so I'll just say "to be continued" for now.


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