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Where Should I Buy My Cell Phone? Direct Dealers Vs. Authorized Dealers

Updated on November 27, 2012

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Direct Dealers VS. Authorized Dealers

There is so much technology out now a days! One of the leading tech devices being cell phones. Everyone who's anyone has one right? This includes adults, teens, the elderly, and even kids. The questions to ask are "Where will I get the best deal?", "Where will I receive the best service?", and "Where will I have the best selection?". There are several options to look into. Do you go directly to the dealer or do you try an authorized dealer?

If you choose to go directly to a dealer, this means that you have chosen to go to a T-Mobile, a Verizon, or an AT&T store (amongst others). This is the smartest route to take for your cell phones needs. The biggest complaint with going to a direct dealer is the price. Typically, you will pay a higher price for the phone itself. However, you should consider everything you are getting for what you are paying for. You are choosing to work with the people who know the company, the plans, and the phones inside and out. They are trained to be knowledgeable in all these areas, and in customer service! They will devote all of their attention on you and your business. They will help to establish you with the best cell phone plan that works for you and your family (if you are getting a family plan). The sales representatives are trained to have you set up 110% before you walk out of the store. This means getting you started with your new cell, showing you how to use it, showing you any accessories you may need for the phone (ex. cases, memory cards, or bluetooths), and perfecting your contract. The direct dealers will have dozens of stylish cases to choose from, to make your cell, your own. (On a side note, you can probably ask for a bundle deal which means if you get a bluetooth and a memory card, they can throw in a free case!). They are trained to answer all of your cell phone related questions. Even the questions they may not immediately know the answer to, they will find the answer and will not stop until you are satisfied.


An authorized dealer is a third party seller who is authorized to sell the product through a different location. An example being Walmart, Target, or a Sams Club selling T-mobile, Verizon, and AT&T cell phones. Being an authorized dealer gives Walmart the opportunity to create new contracts, as well as upgrade your current contract. The upside with going to an authorized dealer are the prices on the phones. The prices are probably going to be much more attractive then you would see with a direct dealer. However, they may not carry as big of a selection as the direct dealer. Normally, these businesses will carry a few of the most popular selling phones, and a few low grade cells. If you do find the cell that you're interested in, well that's great! But again, they will not have a huge selection of accessories as you would find in a direct dealer location. You will be limited on your options for cases, screen protectors, head sets, memory cards, speakers, and much more. Also, when going to an authorized dealer, the sales representative may not be as knowledgeable as one would be working directly through the channel. Since the representative does not have the same training as the direct dealer provides, you may get caught waiting on answers, or even worse... not getting all of your questions answered before you walk out the door.

There are several different ways to obtain cell phones. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to shopping for the perfect communication device. Pricing, products, and customer service will determine what's the best route for you!


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