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Where to buy Diablo III?

Updated on May 7, 2012

Retail Price

Looks like the retail price for Diablo III is variable by region.

The boxed game will have no monthly fees, just a single purchase like Starcraft and Warcraft series.

There are standard, digital download and collector's edition.

You can pre-order at retailer shops worldwide, however it looks there are differences from the digital download version.

$100 is a good price for collector's edition, because it comes with very nicely designed mouse emitting bloody red light.

But in digital download, there are some differences that make us wonder what is going on and why?

  • In Europe, the game claims to cost EUR 59.99 ( ~ $78).
  • In Australia, the game is priced at $80 AUD ( ~ $85).
  • In US, the game is stable $59.99.
  • Same in Amazon - $59.99.

It is probably a glitch in the system, but it looks like everyone will be buying the game from US retailer or Amazon.

Let's hope the game keys will not be localized and they will be valid worldwide.


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