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New features of HP TouchPad (Tablet Computer) compared to iPad. Multitasking , free cloud storage and more- buy HP

Updated on April 10, 2012
Hp multitasking
Hp multitasking

Key features of HP TouchPad

1. Multitasking:

It automatically groups related activities together and helps multitasking lot easier.The card based system in HP tablet helps to quickly move between applications. This means you can continue reading a web page, or composing an email, from where you left off. It works beautifully. Try it.

iPad simply has no real effective means of handling multi-tasking.

click on the photo to see enlarged version
click on the photo to see enlarged version

2. HP synergy

It can synchronize the contacts, calendars, messages, photos and emails from your Facebook, Linkedin, Skype, Gmail or outlook.It merges multiple sources of information into one interface. For instance, if you register Google and Facebook accounts, all of yourscheduled events appear color coded in the Calendar application.

3. Fast web browsing:

It has high speed web browsing facility as well as support for the latest web technologies, including Adobe Flash.

iPad2 lacks Flash. If you're looking for a device with full web-browsing capabilities, HP touch pad is the best choice.

4. Enjoy the music using BeatsAudio:

Hear music the way the artist intended with Beats Audio. The headphone jack has better insulation and thus produce less ground noise. It also has discrete headphone amp to reduce crosstalk. Enjoy the music using HP with the latest technology.

5. Video Calling:

Face to face video conversation on a large vibrant screen. Currently, video calling is handled by skype.

6. Snapshot of new messages:

You receive a snapshot of new messages, email, and events without being totally disrupted.

7. Better organizing of emails

You can select multiple email messages to delete at a time with gestures.

8. Flexible virtual keyboard:

You can make your virtual keyboard larger or smaller on the fly.

9. Bring together all your photos:

TouchPad’s photo application integrates all your web photo in Flickr and Facebook.

10. Free cloud storage

10. You get 50 GB free cloud storage space for the rest of your life from HP has some sort of agreement with the company and they will pay off the entire cost.

The same service costs $20/month (or more) for 50GB in iPad

I highly recommend this tablet. On the right side you can see links to Amazon from where you can read reviews of others and check if you like it.


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