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Where and how to buy cheap laptops in Nigeria

Updated on November 26, 2012

Buying laptops at a fairly affordable price is what a lot of young people in Nigeria would prefer as the local prices for most newly imported and advanced laptops tends to be around $1000 when it finally gets into Nigeria and not many people would want to pay for that.

Why spend more for laptops when you can pay less for it? There are many ways and places you can get laptops for cheap in Nigeria without spending most of your income and I just thought I should write this post so that those who are interested may get some tips on how to go about it.

Ways and places to get cheap laptops in NIgeria

  1. Internet research: The first thing you should do before buying a laptop is trying to find more details about it. Try to know the specific laptop model and name you are buying. Every laptop has a unique name eg. Toshiba satellite A105-s4004 or HP mini 3115m. When you know its name, you can do a more detailed research about it on product sites like Amazon or the manufacturer's website. People don't buy laptops every day since it involves some significant cost so it's good to take your time and study the product and read any reviews if possible from people who have used it. You should also try to get to know the exact price before trying to buy it. Knowing the price and it's specifications can help you save you some money in the long term
  2. Computer village: In Nigeria, retail markets are mostly segregated and geographically located. Products like computers are normally sold by importers and retail stores in computer markets in Nigeria and one of the most popular is located at Ikeja, Lagos which has most of the country's active ports. Cheap computers find their way on a periodic basic to Lagos and prices can only be gotten the cheapest in Lagos computer village. When you know the estimated price of a laptop, the next thing you can do if you intend buying it locally is to go to the market and negotiate your price close to how much you think it reasonable. You should note that certain sellers tend to raise their prices unreasonably but it is always subject to negotiation.
  3. American online stores: Another place you can get laptops for cheap or at a reasonable price is by buying them yourself online from American stores. The USA produces a lot of the world's laptops and they sure produce the best too. You can browse through a lot of these online stores like Amazon or Toshiba direct and get a range of prices. You can search for laptops based on how much you can buy them. All you really need to buy laptops from US stores is your Visa/Mastercard or even a gift card. As for shipping, you can easily ship your laptop to Nigeria within 7 days and all you need is to get a US shipping address first. It costs about $50 to $100 per laptop. You can buy cheap or brand new laptops at Amazon. You can see cheap laptops for as low as $100 to $150.
  4. Chinese online stores: There are 2 Chinese websites I know from which you can buy cheap laptops and they are and These Chinese websites offer a lot of deals and cheap products you can get and they do at times offer free or affordable shipping to Nigeria. You can also pay online by credit card of wire and even only when you receive the goods via ems or dhl. They don't offer the same quality as US laptops though.

Type of laptops/computers you can get for cheap

  1. Refurbished and used laptops: Refurbished laptops are those laptops that are not exactly brand new. They have been used but at the same time have had some parts replaced so that they work like new. You can find a lot of these used laptops for cheap and even for some respected brands such as Sony, Toshiba or Apple. If you love brand names but don't want to spend too much money for buying it, then you should wait for it to be available as a used laptop and it would be cheaper for you.
  2. Cheap brands: Some laptops are cheap just because they are not as popular as known brands. They tend to be cheaper than other laptops in the market due to their perceived low quality or unknown name. You can buy cheap brands and save a lot of money and they could still do the same thing popular laptops can do.
  3. Mini laptops: These are laptops that are simply made to be smaller and cheaper. They are an economy laptop and not necessarily meant to be as versatile or high performing as a full laptop. They are small sized in screen and weight but they can still perform basic tasks like watching movies, browsing the web and using some computer programs.
  4. Netbook pcs: These are computers which are simply designed to be used for browsing the web and not meant to perform a lot of desktop or computer tasks. Netbook pcs tend to come with little or no computer programs for office work but are good for connecting to the web. Since they are not full laptops, they tend to be cheaper than the usual laptops. A good example is Google Chromebook and another is Samsung solar laptop.

How to buy cheap laptops

  1. Decide on your source - Where to buy from
  2. Inspect your laptop with the specifications
  3. Make payment in acceptable form e.g. cash, cheque or online card payment
  4. Do a pick up at local store or wait for 7 days delivery via courier if it is by international shipping

What I recommend

if you are really interested in buying a cheap laptop in Nigeria, try to get to know what specific name you are buying and research for the price and specification. Try to negotiate with the local sellers first and if the price is reasonable, buy it else you can just buy it online and wait for it to be shipped to you in Nigeria. The latter option would normally require a prepaid debit Visa or Mastercard and you would need a US shipping address.


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