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Where to get apk files for Kindle Fire HD

Updated on April 4, 2013

When it comes to making your Kindle Fire HD more effective, you would need to install a couple of apps to it and these apps come with the extension .apk which when opened in Kindle, tends to begin an installation process.

There are a lot of apk file sources online and as you might already know, apk are the default file extensions for Android-like devices like the Kindle Fire and you can get a lot of them online with the most popular source being Amazon's appstore. A Kindle user would be able to download and install them easily by visiting the appstore from his Kindle by tapping the Apps link from your home screen. Some of these apk files could come as free apps or as paid apps meaning that you can either get them for free or have to pay for it. Besides the Amazon appstore, there are other places where you can get apk files.

Places to get apk files for Kindle

  • Amazon appstore
  • Opera appstore -

However you should note that getting apps from outside the Amazon appstore tend to come without warranties from Amazon and your device could get unstable.

Gettting apk files from the Amazon appstore

This is the easiest method and it is targeted at US users or at least people who have a US billing credit card. If you don't have one, you can always use a VCC and still be able to download from the appstore by simply changing your Kindle, country and 1-click settings to the US. Once your device is on, you can download apps by going to apps > Store and search for the apps you want. Tap on download and it should start immediately. You'd be able to do a download and installation almost immediately from the same app page.

Getting apk files from the Opera appstore or other sites

Another place where I normally prefer getting apk files is the opera app store located at You just have to visit the portal with your Kindle silk browser and you'd be able to browse through a lot of apps suitable for the Kindle. However to be able to download and install such apk file, you would need to have enabled third party installations by going to Settings > More . Once downloaded, just open the apk file and you'd be able to do the installation in a few minutes.

Copying from your computer to Kindle Fire HD

If you've downloaded some apk files to your computer from file sharing sites or other portals, you can also transfer it to Kindle directly and later do the install. You just need to make sure you do a virus scanning first before transferring it to Kindle using the internal storage. You can then open the file and do the installation after copying. Same as above, you should also enable third party installations.


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