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Where to get free websites exceeding one page

Updated on December 28, 2010

Having a one page website is like having a tool shed with just a screwdriver in it. Having one page is useful for sharing an idea on the internet but it can only go so far. When thinking of making a website people should consider what they really want. Many people have found success on the internet and they did not do it through a one page website. Having a full website can definitely prove to be a useful tool.

Having a full website makes your data look more professional and a more reliable source of information. When you have one page everything seems crowded and your users may not be able to find things as easy as they should. Having a multiple page website can ensure you get the web design you want and make your website a lot more free flowing and appealing. Many people believe a website is expensive but that is not true. There are many places to get a free website.

Free web hosting area
With years of programming websites with this domain I have never ran out of options and could not create something I wanted to. This site has free web space of 1500 MB. It offers hosting from 2005 without interruption. Accounts are available in every country and language so everyone has the same opportunity. There also is unlimited traffic and no ads which is great for attracting a user population. Accounts also never expire unless the account is purposely deleted. With the full support of HTML, FTP, SSI, MySQL 5, phpMyAdmin, and 24/7 technical support many would find this too great of a site to delete. The only downside is that knowing a programming code is necessary with this website and some people do not want to deal with that. This is definitely the best host for a programmer but if that is not really your thing you may want to try a template design website.

Microsoft Office Live Small Business
This website allows users to choose a template that they want and build their website with Microsoft tools. Microsoft products are always very versatile and user friendly so it keeps the builders work at ease. Using code is possible but it is not needed. Anyone can create a professional looking website by just clicking what they want and putting things on their page. No programming experience is necessary but it allows for copy & paste code which requires no knowledge but still allows users to decently customize their website. This is a top of the line way to create a website with minimal or no programming experience. Some may believe this is to extravagant and just want a quicker and more basic.

This is a domain that allows users to create a basic website easily. There are specific instructions to inform you of exactly what you need to do to make your website. You do not need to use any code and you can just type and drop in what you want on your page. It is a simple method but it gets the job done. If someone wants to make a basic site and does not want to get too picky this site can give you pretty much everything you want.

There are many places to create websites for free. These are the top domains to create what you want depending on how much you want to work on your site. Whether you want to completely code your page, have the opportunity but not need to, or even just drop what you want on a page it is here. When creating a page typically the more you work have to do the more you are able to customize your website. Overall depending on what kind of web developer you want to be, you can fall into one of these 3 domains and be completely satisfied with the result of the work you put into your website.


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