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Where are some great free font sites?

Updated on May 21, 2012

If you are a novice web builder, you are probably using any of the dozens of web hosting sites that office pre-made templates. But you still probably would like to tweek your site. Well  I like to search around for free stuff and I'll share them here.

Want to change font color? Then check out color cop. It's great. And it's free. Just click on any color you like and color cop will give you the html code for that color. You can filnd color cophere.

How about editing pictures? Give this free software a try. Photo! Editor from Vicman,

Need to make easier thumbnails of your photos? Try Eazy Thumbnails software here.

Want to animate objects? Then try this .gif animator'

Try CoolText to create logos for free.

What some fancy font? Try out Simply The Best Fonts. (See sample of some of the dozens of fancy text below.

Want to credit buttons for your website? Use this easier to use software and instructions from Free-Buttons. org

Standout with 3D Text.

And finally a great site for some easy to understand html code for creating font, font sizes, font colors, etc. to tweak your website from Echo Echo.



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