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Which Wireless Printer Should I Purchase For My Home or Office?

Updated on April 29, 2010

Adding a networked printer to your home or office network is a great way to add convenience and productivity to save you time while computing.  An even more convenient networked printer is a wireless printer.  These printers connect to your network through your wi-fi connection on your router so all your computers can print from a central printer with out having to be plugged in to it.  There are both ink jet and laser versions available and each have their own advantages.  Ink jet printers cost less initially and the individual ink cartridges are cheaper because they print a lesser number of pages per cartridge.  A laser printer will produce more accurate printed pages and the ink dries virtually instantly to prevent smudging.  The drawbacks of owning a laser printer are the initial cost of the printer will be substantially more than an ink jet printer and the cost of each cartridge is also substantially more than ink jet cartridges but the per page cost of a laser printer cartridge is much less and you have to replace them only after very long periods of time which is more convenient.

Inkjet Wireless Printers

Many companies make wireless inkjet printers that connect to a wireless network these days.  Two of the main and most reputable manufactures are HP and Canon.  You can get an all-in-one type inkjet printer if you may also use features like scanning, copying and faxing or cheaper models are available that only print if you already have devices that do what an all-in-one can do or you have no need for those features.

Laser Wireless Printers

Wireless Laser Printers can help you print professional quality documents which can make your business look more legitimate or your school projects one step above the rest.  It takes more investment initially but saves you a ton of money if you do a lot of printing or even a little printing over a long period of time.  Brother is a company that is making the most affordable wireless laser printers.  They may not look the prettiest but they are not too much more than an inkjet.  If you are going for style and class, you should check out wireless laser printers by Samsung.  These are sleek and stylish but also are made of the highest quality to last you a long time.

Samsung Laser Wireless Printers


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