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Which new technology gadget is best for you?

Updated on June 5, 2011
Ipad 2, Nook Color, and Kindle
Ipad 2, Nook Color, and Kindle

Ipad2, Kindle, or Nook Color?

After extensive research I have come to the conclusion that each of the devices listed here are perfect for their own purpose. Which is why it is best to know exactly what you are looking for and what you want to do with the product prior to purchasing anything! Let us begin with the Ipad 2!

The Ipad2 is a great machine for just about everything, with a built in front and back webcam and the built in microphone it is easy to communicate through video conferencing. The 10 hour battery life allows for a long period of use without having to constantly stay plugged up to an outlet. The Dual-Core processor allows for quick processing times and gives the over 300,000 and growing App base, the ability to produce more graphic intense games and interactive books. The Ipad2 offers apps for anyone needing anything, from office HD, to Kindle, Nook, and Google books apps. Several hundreds of game applications and my favorite the interactive reading books for children, allowing them to read along with the book with the read aloud mode or read with a parent.  This is a well-rounded product that can suit all of your needs at once, but does carry a hefty price tag, $520-%820 depending on memory size and internet connection capabilities.

The Nook Color is quickly becoming all the rage with e book readers, this choice of product allows the capability of reading every e-books nook has to offer, along with the new additions of being able to download several different applications. Though the Nook does not offer as many applications as the Ipad2, give it time new app’s come out every day! The apps that are available range from games to interactive books for children. The Nook Color is also capable of using the internet to log onto email, Facebook and even Skype, though it does not have video capabilities it does have a built in microphone. The nook Color has the potential to be the most portable, multi-tasking e-reader on the market. It contains an 8- hour battery life perfect for those trips to the beach or a long car trip. The Nook Color’s price tag ranges from $225 to $249 depending on whether you want a refurbished or a brand new one!

The Kindle is one of best e-book readers on the market, that is built specifically for reading e-books, though it does give the capabilities for checking your email, looking through Google, or checking and typing on Facebook, as well as playing Mp3’s it is mainly built for its e-book reading abilities. There are thousands of books to choose from and several games that can be played as well, such as Monopoly. Mah-Jong, and Sudoku that are available through the Kindle store. The Kindle E-Ink technology allows you to read in the bright sunlight without any glare and at night with the addition of a light, it is not backlight and requires light present to view, but this can be an advantage for those of us that get headaches when looking at a backlight LCD screen for hours. The Kindle has a decent price tag of $114 to $325 depending on your Kindle selection!

I hope this aids in your selections of which product is best for you and your budget. If there are any questions feel free to leave a comment!!


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    • Lady_Askarii profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Kentucky

      That is very true there is no exact all in one device, I should have been more specific, the Ipad 2 is more of an all in one media device, as in it shows videos, Mp3's, E-books, and has several hundred games to play.

      But as for just an E-reader, I would agree and say kindle is the best, it is light weight and the battery life is almost a month!

    • myi4u profile image


      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      You are right. Each of these devices are good for their own purpose. I don't imagine any real book reader would want to hold an iPad2 for a long period of time just to read a book. The lightness of Amazon Kindle is great for this occassion.

      Unfortunately, there is no such thing as all-in-one device. Often, we find ourselves carrying different types of devices all the time which can be quite annoying. 10 years ago, I could leave home with just my wallet (and clothes of course). But now, I need to have a bag for my gadgets!


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