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Which tablet should you choose to buy?

Updated on June 19, 2013


Two years ago the first tablet, the iPad was brought onto the market by Apple. This Ipad proved to be very popular and several tablets from others were brought on the market aswell. A tablet is a compact device that weighs little and that you can take anywhere. Moreover, the Ipad is powerful enough to run complex software and it can be connected to the Internet with wireless. Should you be planning or thinking about purchasing a tablet, you would like to know what exactly you can do with a tablet and which one is the best for you?

Operating systems on tablets

The main choice when purchasing a tablet is an operating system. An operating system is the system that a tablet runs on and decides what you can and cannot do with a tablet. At this moment, there are 3 from which can be chosen.

• iOS (Ipad / apple)

• Android (Google)

• BlackBerry PlayBook OS

There is also a new operating system in development, namely Windows 8. Expected is that this will be launched in 2013. In this hub, several possibilities are discussed for the different tablets.

Tablet applications

When it comes to tablets the software is more important than the hardware. There is a big difference in the quantity and quality of the applications between different operating systems:

  • Ipad / iOS: In terms of applications and games, the Ipad is the tablet with the largest selection. Also, the graphics have high quality.
  • Android: The quantity of applications and games are less than those of the Ipad and the graphics are almost the same quality than the Ipad.
  • Blackberry PlayBook: This system has the least number of applications and games available. However, even this system can handle graphically enhanced games without a problem.


iOS, Android and PlayBook OS 2.0 all have the availibility of email accounts.

  • The iOS and Android both offer support for Exchange servers, Gmail, IMAP and POP3 accounts.
  • With Android you can use your google account for email use and all google software such as Youtube, Picasa and Google docs.


A tablet is ideally suited to watch videos on, even graphically, though you should always be aware of the available space (in Gigabytes) on your tablet. Also not all tablets do not support all file formats for downloading/playing videos. The Iphone is most fussy when it comes to accepting file formats than the other systems. So you will occasionally need to convert the file format before your tablet accepts it.


With the multi-touch screens of the tablets you can easily browse through the web pages. In every type of tablet there is a web browser built in, but it is possible for some tablets to download and use an alternative browser.

• iOS (Ipad): Safari, Opera Mini. This system does not support Flash software.

• Android: Google Chrome. This system also supports Flash software.

• Blackberry Playbook: There are (at present) no other browsers that this tablet accepts except the built-in version. This tablet supports Flash software though.

Ipad (Apple) vs Android (Google)

The most popular and discussed tablets are the Ipad and Android. Let's compare them.

Apple Ipad

Recently, in 2012, the iPad 3 has been brought onto the market, which in comparison to the Ipad 2 has better graphics and a better performance. The iPad has no GPS functionality, so should you be looking for this option, then this type of tablet is not appropriate for you. The user interface is smooth and as mentioned earlier, the strongest point of the Ipad is the quantity and quality of its software and applications. The software and applications can be downloaded from the I-tunes software. All software and applications must meet certain (safety) rules, reducing the chance of virusses to nearly nil.


The operating system of Android is made by Google, which among other things explains why Android is perfectly compatible with the necessary Google software and Google applications like Gmail and Google docs. For Android the Android 4x is the latest version. Google is less strict in accepting downloads of moderated applications but these can sometimes be fraudulent applications. One advantage is that the Android tablet has a USB port and a micro SD card.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Enschede, The Netherlands

      Thanks for the tip, I will certainly look into it!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have a Kindle Fire HD and I love it! It was easy to understand and I love the interface. Here's the one I have on Amazon If you're looking for a tablet you should check it out, I think it's very underrated.


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