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White Galaxy

Updated on May 6, 2016

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T555 9,7

Hello, everyone!
I won't tell any unnecessary thing.

So, what were the purposes to buy the tablet?

After one gadget has broken, I had to change it into a new one. There was a question, however, what to buy??? A laptop or a tablet? Since I am not busy with any office things, the diploma is already in my pocket, I decided to buy a tab. So, the tab was supposed to be used for simple purposes: watching films, photos, chating in social networks, reading books, articles, news etc. Since the tab is for house usage, the size of the display was important for me, I decided to buy a pretty big one. If I was going to carry it in my bag, I would prefer a smaller one. I would choose the same model, but of a smaller size. Certainly, I was looking for a tab having a slot for microSD. In fact, I am a fan of Apple, but I've heard it does not have it. If it had, I would certainly choose Apple:) But in my case, the tab without a flash driver is not an optimal varient. Sometimes, it is very necessary to upload something to the tab, a film from computer..etc. I want to say that I do not play games a lot. Even if I do, I download something simple, play a little and delete it soon. So, I did not consider this option when buying the tab. The quality of camera also did not play an important role. For me, it is more important on my phone. Another essential point was the battery. Though I was going to use it only at home, I did not want to chrge it every hour. So, based on these functions, I decided to buy Samsung. With the help of consultants I have chosen Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T555. It cost around 160pounds.
Now I have been using it for 2 month and want to say that it has not brought me any problems yet.

Inside the box

-a tab in a pack
-a charger
-guarantee certificate

General Features

I have bought a tab that supports a sim card in case I travel somewhere and want to receive or make a call. The tab is light, thin, made of plastic. The memory can be easily expanded with a flash card, but I still use the installed size (16 GB). The tab is made in Vietnam.


The quality of camera is average. I cannot say that I am amazed, especially when taking photos inside the building when electricity is turned on, But I am not sorry because it is worth the money) But 5 Megapixel is 5 Megapixel)) And not more. The better camera would cost me much more.
As for its front camera, the manufacturer has made a small bonus for girls. When you are making selfie, the quality of retouching will please you. The device 'corrects' the photo very well) So, those who have visible skin problems will like this point. But for me, this feature is somewhat unusual. I have npt got used to it. But it really helps when you are making a selfie in a bad light.
While using the camera, I faced some problems with autofocusing. The camera needs a long time to focus. This is an advantage, of course. But the camera is not a top priority for me.

The tab case

The case of the tab is made of plastic. I would not buy it for carrying somewhere. But it perfectly fits the usage in the house.
I think, metal case is not only stronger, but also looks more reputable and prestigious. So, I prefer the things made of metal. But one should understand that such things demand more money)) Plastic is typical for cheaper things. But I am a careful person and won't throw or seatt on it. Besides, I have already purchased the cover case. I strongly recommend to do it, especially if you are going to take the tab outdoors.


It is rather bright. I am satisfied. It has no glares or flashings. However, I am dissatisfied how easily soiled it is. All fingerprints are visible. However, I suppose, you can avoid it by applying a safe cover pellicle on it. Nevertheless, I have not done it yet.

Sound and Durability

It has good loud sound. Sometimes it is heated when I use it for a long time. I charge it every day. But I surf the Internet a lot. Moreover, geolocation and different alerts 'eat' the battery as well.
So, let's summarise:


-nice design
-thin, convenient
-you can choose the color of the tab
-it is fast
-big, bright screen
-nice quality of sound
-the camera is not bad
-front camera is only 2Megapixel, but it automatically corrects the images
-you should not charge it 2-3 times a day, thus nice durability
-not high price


-visible fingertips on the screen
-long time of camera focusing
-it is very inconvenient to make screenshots. but it is typical for all Samsungs.
-made of plastic

Hopefully, me review will be helpful for you:) It was also published on Ciao under my nickname AliceBond.


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