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White iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S?

Updated on October 18, 2011

Black OR White

Apple is just incredible with its publicity. Alright, maybe it is just that their products are really great. Its probably a combination of both. Would one actually bother queueing outside stores or perform daily research on upcoming products from Nokia, or even Samsung? Nah...

The white iPhone 4 has been delayed for over 10 months since the release of iPhone 4 in June 2010. It has been repeatedly delayed until now when reliable sources have confirmed it to be released on 26 April (that's the day of my Birthday, not kidding!).

The BIG question is if one should hold on for the 5, or grab the gorgeous snow white while stocks last?


How reliable is the 26 Apr release?

The date came from a reliable source which have been confirmed by Apple. Furthermore, the launch date is scheduled for Spring 2011. With only May left, it seems that 26 April is a very viable date.

It was noted that the reason for the delay was difficulty in getting a consistent white throughout the iPhone, i.e. the button, and the turning of yellow under heat. With the release of the white iPad 2, Apple has proved that this problem is now solved.

Watch out for 26 April as it will be the date snow white rides into town.

White iPhone? So What?

From an objective point of view, there are literally no difference between the black and white versions other than the shade. What's the whole point in the hype over the white iPhone 4?

Exclusivity and resale-value are my answers. Humans have strange behaviours. The tend to yearn for what they cannot have. Think about it. You know i'm right. Apple has played this game well, keeping everyone on their toes. They are the Masters of Intrigue-ment. With a large number of black iPhone 4 around, a white iPhone 4 would just stand you out from the sea of blacks. You would be able to maintain your exclusivity too since the blackie iphone 4s would still be tied into their contacts.


iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has been rumoured to have a larger screen, faster processor, inter alia.

Question everyone is asking is - Should i skip the iPhone 4 and wait for the 5?

It appears that the iPhone 5 will not be appearing anytime soon. The manufacturing plants are not moving in line for a June release. It appears that the iPhone 5 will be delayhed until the end of 2011 or perhaps early 2012. My best guess would be December 2011, so that Apple may take advantage of Christmas.

So back to the question on skipping to the iPhone 4 and waiting for the 5. Although evidence points to a very late release for the iPhone 5, nothing is impossible. In my opinion, i do believe that the iPhone 5 will be delayed until the last quarter of 2011. Afterall, if the iPhone 5 is to be released in June, what is the point for releasing the white iPhone 4 now?

It all points down to whatever floats your boat. I'm off to get my iPhone 4 cause i can't stand the wait till the end of the year. What about you?



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