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Who Gives A Twit?

Updated on November 24, 2010

Twitterpated? Why bother...

MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter are the three largest social networking sites on the internet today, with the first two being more similar than the third. With Twitter, subscribers submit random comments throughout their day and oodles of cyberstalkers wait with baited breath to see what the random Twit has to say. Perhaps the correct term would be Tweeter? (I prefer Twit; it's infintely more apropos.)

Some celebs, famous peeps, and other mediaspam darlings have cultlike followings on Twitter, with thousands of people phlegming up some sort of sycophantic blather to every little Twit, Tweet, and Twat these people of the papparazzi utter forth. The real question, at least to those of us with at least one functioning brain cell, is why? Why bother? Why read? Why care?

Sure, I think Criss Angel is an insanely amazing illusionist and I'd love to see his live show in Vegas, primarily because I'm a skeptic's skeptic and his eyecandy artwork simply amazes me. I think Sandra Bullock, Holly Marie Combs, Eliza Dushku and Dakota Fanning are stunning people in many ways (beautiful, talented, humble, and so forth). I'd let George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and Robert Downey, Jr. eat crackers in my bed anytime. But do I follow any tweets spewed forth by any of these persons (if they even participate in Twitter)? Absolutely not.

As for the majority of celeb Twits that spend a few moments tapping in some tweets throughout their day, who really cares if brainless bimbo #1 is standing in line at Mocha Mama's waiting to buy a $30 cup of plain black coffee, or rehab poster girl #2 just bought a new pair of DG sunglasses that cost more than most people earn in a month? And who really cares if "I must be the ONLY Lindsay on the planet so I'll sue eTrade because they dared to use MY first name!" failed yet another drug test? Were you really all that surprised?

If I want to waste time pondering the lives of Hollywood's plethora of overpaid and undertalented (for the most part) cultural elite, I'll zone out in front of TMZ for 30 minutes. Any more than that would be overdosing, and social networking sites like Twitter are simply a way to legalize cyberstalking with the approval of the stalkee.


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    • sarasca profile image

      sarasca 7 years ago from Bristol, VA

      Actually, if I cared, I'd have a Twitter account and have updates sent to my cell phone, like so many people already do. It irks me that OTHER people care so much, and I am forced to listen to THEIR endless blathering about what so-and-so did or what this-and-that said or, OMG guess who Person X is dating now?!?! Surely people have better things to do with their time. (Not that hubbing is a "better thing" to do, either...for me it's a time-killer in between other activities.) Thank you for your perspective, though. :)

    • profile image

      pcoach 7 years ago

      No offense, but you just became THEM. You do apparently care how they order their coffee and what they do with their time.