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Who Will Eliminate Illegal Hacking, Scams and Greed

Updated on December 29, 2016

A World Without Illegal Hackers, Scams and Greed

His arrogance was obvious. Max Butler smiled constantly during an interview on CNBC's American Greed, television show. He received a sentence of thirteen years in a federal penitentiary for illegal hacking. Max referred to as the "iceman," took pleasure in the accomplishment of reckless greed. His foul smelling responses, left each viewer without a clear understanding as to what prompted this obnoxious man. Max Butler had illegally hacked more than $86,000,000 from innocent victims. He did this through the theft of credit card numbers and bank information. The Iceman derived pure pleasure, as the interviewer discussed his technical savvy. After hacking his victim's personal information, this man along with his partners, would get others to join in on his massive scheme. They used the stolen cards to purchase high end designer items, which were then sold on ebay and other websites. Max along with his criminal cohorts, became unable to comprehend the damage done to millions of unknowing people who had no clue of what was about to happen to them.

Victims of Hackers Can Be Devastated

As a victim of #illegal hackers what Max and his companions accomplished was quite painful. Imagine being in a market, where your shopping cart is full of items. You place them before the cashier to total everything. There is a line of other people behind you. After all is totalled, you hand your debit card to the cashier. It never enters your mind that your card would be declined. You advised the cashier to try the card again and it is declined a second time. Everyone behind you looks with disdain. Some graciously extend pity, because it has also happened to them. You rush out of the market embarrassed and confused. Your paycheck went into this account. It is impossible that the funds are not there. You blame the bank and call them immediately. They explain your card information was stolen through a hacker. Someone in Great Britain, tried to purchase a $400 designer dress on your debit card. Now, invasion of privacy was one of my least concerns. Many long hours of hard work had went into this paycheck, now it was stolen by #greedy criminals. It took weeks to reestablish the account. Did Max and his mephitic partners consider the consequences of their actions and do they really care? The bank's fraud department did catch the transaction which caused them to cancel this card. Without their efforts, my account could have been wiped out.

Companies Battle Cyber Crimes

CBS This Morning, revealed a story on #The Hack Hunters. Companies On the Frontlines Against #Cyber Theft. Within this news account it was discussed how, "Russian hackers leaked more Rio athlete's medical files. Russian hackers get bolder in anti-doping agency attack." The news feature's focus was on Corruption Currents: Hackers Release Medical Records of Olympic Athletes.

News correspondent Michelle Miller of CBS spoke with a security expert who said, "Cyber crime is more lucrative than the illicit #drug trade." During this news story Miller expressed after careful research and discussions with experts, "Servers like these often contain account numbers, medical records and other sensitive information that is collected by business and government agencies that makes them prime targets for hackers." There is an immense battle for companies against cyber crimes. It is only through the change of heart and thinking by each individual based on love of Jehovah God and love of fellow brothers and sisters that these type of crimes will be eliminated.

The Demonic Side of the Internet

#Sony Pictures', events of hacking was a clear example of threats and demonic tactics. Yes, it was disrespectful on Sony's part to create such a film that would even make a joke about the assassination of North Korea's leader #Kim Jong Un. This is a time for love and genuine respect for each other. It is not a time for revenge or hatred. #Hacking can cause tremendous devastation to the lives of its victims. May Sony Pictures Entertainment and #North Korea's regime, work this out in an amicable manner without continuous threats of retaliation.

Today the internet is full of get rich quick scams. In this decade of greed, material things mean more than people do. Individuals who create these scams, could care less about who they steal from. Their reckless desire for more money and power, consumes them. The creation of ideas through the internet for the sole purpose of manipulation has become even more prevalent. These individuals are aware that their scams will only put money in their pockets and steal from others. Their elaborate scams such as debt relief, home modification, credit card and numerous others, promote crime. These crimes are not just performed by blue collar but white collar professionals as well. The internet allows these criminal to cloak themselves with infectious greed that spreads like a wild brush fire. They feel confident in their greedy excess because we the victims, cannot see them. The internet can be utitlized as a mask to rob and pillage without being seen. Max Butler and other criminals used this masterfully. Their victims become alphabets and numbers on a computer keyboard. Who they hurt or cheat becomes irrelevant.

Do We Live In A Cheating Culture and If So What Is the Solution?

The book by David Callahan, The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead make this statement, "Do you take your chance to cheat? David Callahan thinks many of us would; witness corporate scandals, doping athletes, plagiarizing journalists. Why all the cheating? Why now? Callahan blames the dog-eat-dog economic climate of the past twenty years: An unfettered market and unprecedented economic inequality have corroded our values and threaten to corrupt the equality and the equal opportunity we cherish."

When we seriously think about our #scams, illegal hackers and greed today, we threaten the opportunity for us to become an even greater people. We become a destructive force for mankind as we cancel any opportunity for others to have any shot at success. Max Butler and others like him reside in a world of me-ism, where it becomes all about them. Selfishness is abundant today. Imagine if we could all become altruist, where we practiced, "unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others," as defined in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary . What a wonderful world that would be where we considered the well being of others. This is one way that we as a people can eliminate illegal hackers, scams and greed.

Whether we are a part of that world, one day greed will be eradicated. This can only be accomplished if we educate ourselves. We must study and apply the ways of Jesus, who was very successful in his ministry. True christians have left the practice of such things as illegal hacking, scams or the practice of greed. They work hard to maintain high standards based on the education received from God's word the Bible. We would practice the "Golden Rule," based on Matthew 7: 12, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and prophets." (New International Version) Would we as individuals want someone to hack into our personal information or scam us? No, not one human can honestly say, they would enjoy being scammed or illegally hacked.

We are all victims of sin due to the acts of Adam and Eve's disobedience. Jehovah God taught us through his son Jesus, to pray for a kingdom where illegal hackers, scams and greed, will not exist. The Bible clearly promises at Psalms 37:11-13 , "But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity. The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming." Almighty God will deal with the wicked and remember, he is a being of the greatest source of power. The wicked will be destroyed for their actions on the innocent. When this occurs, greedy individuals will be eradicated and the meek ones will live forever on earth, without the possibility of scams, illegal hackers or greed. Truly, we should all look forward to that time. Imagine, a world without greedy people and their scams. Jesus Christ, spoke about this world which is why in God's word the Bible, we are taught to pray for #God's kingdom in the model prayer at Matthew 6:9,10. What a wonderful world we can look forward to.

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