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Finding the Perfect Online Blogging Course

Updated on December 30, 2014

If You Are Blogging and You Know IT

No matter where you are, blogging is a great way to reach out and communicate online.

People scour through the interesting bits and pieces of culinary adventures in search for things that are of value to them.

I spend about half of my searching hours looking for the marry ways we are celebrating our new experiences with coding and programming.

In Asia, many of those who are online have a blog. A research on blogging published in Blogging Asia: a Microsoft Live Report in 2006 provides a general idea of the stats.

The key findings suggest that more than 40% of bloggers have less than 10 visitors per week.

Half of those surveyed believed that the contents of the blogs are as trustworthy as traditional media.

Most bloggers in Asia are female and young people below the age of 25, and they spend more than three hours per week focusing solely on the content of their blogs.

As for the codes and the tweaks, I highly suspect that bloggers are spending way more hours learning how to operate the blogging tools, work with the codes, browse through coding classes, and learning all these new things they would probably forget over the weekend.

Figure out how you work best

Spend some time finding your blogging voice.
Spend some time finding your blogging voice. | Source

Things to Consider

Just starting out, and just looking for the right platform. Still, you might find it hard to make up your mind.

That is why I think nobody should plan a blogging journey alone.

There are hard things to think about, like listing things you would like to learn and master, as opposed to things you should not bother with.

Consider taking a blogging course to help you get started with your plan, and then make sure that you achieve your goals.

Helpful questions to answer

At the beginning, before hunting for the right online courses, try your hands at answering the following questions:

  1. What do I want to achieve with my blogging?
  2. When do I want to achieve them?
  3. Who are my support system? And do they know?

These are the fundamentals to your blogging journey or your blogging plan or plans. The questions will guide you as you look for inspirations and shop for ideas.

If you are working on building a personal brand around your blogging, say you are a creative writer preparing for a publication and at the end of your journey you will be publishing your entire blog content in the form of an e-pub.

Then you will need to come up with an editorial calendar and a friendly deadline.

How much time do you have to blog in a day? Are you one of the Asian bloggers who spend three hours a day meddling with your content or are you more like a developer who needs to juggle between the blogging and the coding, and the programming?

Once you figure out the entire time frame, it will be easier to select a course that suits your plan.

A list of the things you need to learn

Try to write down a list of the skills that you think you will need to learn to support your blogging journey or blogging plan.

It's like a skills grocery list, and mine goes something like this:

  • Coding, 1 hour a day
  • Copyright and legal issues related to the publishing of my code, 1 day a week
  • Creative Commons thingy, 4 hours a week
  • Revisiting old blog posts, and perhaps resuscitate, 1-hour a week
  • Learning data science, 12 hours a week (this is where I need help)
  • Branding and packaging, 2 hours

Live Stream

4 stars for Live support

Learning to Learn, and What Things are Out There

Look who's blogging

Many people want to make a living out of blogging, and many more have succeeded in doing so.

There are bloggers who keep in touch and build their personal brands on a blogging trail. There are writers who don't consider blogging separate from their activities as a writer.

Either way you look at it, even if you are blogging for extra credits needed as a degree requirement, or if you consider blogging a must for your generation, you will need to be aware of the things you are willing to achieve.

There are more tools now available for blogging than what you might be able to come up on your own independent searches with Google, Bing or on an IE.

Start with bloggers networks whose brands are all about helping out bloggers get started and traffic.

No matter where you are in Asia or in the world, there are bound to be people who have had experiences to share on blogging

Webinars and Google Hangouts

Sometimes you will find experts who would like to share their tips and findings with you. They are a great source of information, and they usually provide links and other resources that you could use.

Finding information on meet-ups, community events, regular discussions on topics of your interest should not take too much time, if you know where to start searching.

I don't have many groups that I keep in touch with on a regular basis. What I do is I try to find the time to attend live events or recorded webinars, whichever is more of your style.

Meetup, Live Stream, Spreecast, and Google Hangout are useful resources. Most social media networks nowadays also host groups that are free and they create a supportive environment for the sharing of your work.

So you can generate feedback.

Just need to be particularly sure that the groups you are in are related to your skills grocery list and the time you have to spend shopping for them is the time you could spare for the task.

Time vs Skills vs Levels

How much time in total are you spending on tweaking the content of your blogs per week?

See results

Understanding, Learning to Learn

There is always that option of creating a curriculum, so to speak, that is right for your blogging.

Understand that you will have to dedicate a significant amount of time learning how to use these tools that are made available for you online before actually using them to reach your blogging goals.

It may seem like a lot of tedious work, and maybe because it is.

What you will be getting yourselves into, when taking an online blogging course, is usually not to focus on the content of your blogs.

You might want to take a separate course for that, or enroll in open free courses on writing, editing, some things to do with publishing online.

Which Blogging Course is Right for You?

(click column header to sort results)
Items Covered  
Blogging Fundamentals
Business, beginner
Planning your blog, choosing a platform, preparing content
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Set Up a Blogger Blog
Business, beginner
Using Blogger and promoting your blog
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Follow Blogger blogs
Business, beginner
Following blogs and handling old blogs
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Create Your Custom Blog on Tumblr
Business, beginner
Setting up Tumblr, finding friends and following topics
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Start a Blog with Squarespace
Business, beginner
Choosing a template, adding content, customization, posting via email and social networks
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Manage Your Blogger Blog
Business, beginner
Using old content, making customization options, saving your posts, updating your profile
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Building a Successful Blog
Introduction, blogging concepts, ideas and motives, getting started with blogging, writing an interesting blog, blogging rules, ethics and etiquette, FAQ, checklist for building a successful blog
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Posting on Blogger Blog
Business, beginner
Getting started with forst post, publishing via text message, email and scheduling, getting paid for product recommendation, using templates and handling comments
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Read News and Blogs on Feedly
Business, beginner
Following blogs, reading and decorating, group feeds, article sharing
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
30 Day Blog Transformation Challeng
Business, all
Content, design, email list and marketing
Power Blogging
Introduction, tips for blog posts, how to make money on your blog, how to make your blog better, how to increase blog traffic, how to enhance SEO, conclusion
Photoshop for Blogging: Creating Collages
Technology, Beginner
Photoshop workspace and tools, creating clean multi-image layouts, adding and formatting text, creating shapes, creative embellishments and simple editing, optimizing and saving images for the web
Get Noticed with Trulia Voices
Business, Beginner
About Trulia Voices, making your voice heard, telling your readers about your post, keeping up with posts
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Tumblr the Easy and Quick Way to Blog Effectively
Setting up Tumblr, Tumblr images, Tumblr and MP3 video, Tumblr and videos
Free Trial ($19/month)
Start Managing Your Company's Blog
Business, Beginner
Choosing a topic, choosing a platform, getting started, dashboard management, writing style
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
How to Make a Wordpress Blog
Project overview, Wordpress overview, and, installing wordpress, customizing
Subscription ($25/month)
Popular Blogging Platforms
Business, Beginner
Introduction to Squarespace, Tumblr and Wodpress
Free Trial ($15.95/month)
Blogging Strategies for Musicians and Bands
Blogging overview, setting up a blog, blog posting, blog marketing, making money with your blog, conclusion
Free Trial ($25/month)
How to Get Your Blog to Pay Your Bills
How to contact a business to start blogging for them, creating a membership site, partnering with other bloggers to create infor products
Launch and Grow Your Blog from 0 to 10,000 Monthly Readers
About blogging, starting up your blog, focusing on your blog, growing your blog, conclusion,
A list of online blogging courses that might be suitable to help with your blogging plan

Working with the visuals

You can create a character for your blog, in addition to the avatars that represent yourself on the social media.
You can create a character for your blog, in addition to the avatars that represent yourself on the social media. | Source

Arts Book Review: Blogging for Creatives

Find out more about your personal branding

This might seem like extra work, but once you are settled with your blogging plans, there are other ways to make sure that your online presence stands out and contribute something to your personal brand.

Take courses on developing your personal brand, and make sure that your documentation is complete and easy to find.

Branding is everlasting, and the items you learned today can still be valid up to 10 years later, so you will not be wasting your time.

Developing your personal brand can do a great deal in helping you plan your blog as a business, which is something that you might want to do at a later stage.

Of course, another obvious benefit is you can save a lot of time in the process, if you plan ahead.

Get the creative juices flowing

Whatever methods you are using to get the creative juices flowing, make sure you document them well enough for you to understand the process
Whatever methods you are using to get the creative juices flowing, make sure you document them well enough for you to understand the process | Source

New concepts and time management

There are only 24 hours in a day, although I sometimes wished that there were more.

Not everyone is a full-time blogger or would like to consider blogging as a career. Sometimes you just have to juggle between searching for work, studying, and your blogging plan.

There are bound to be compromises along the way, such as you might have to add more time to your learning or spend less time on the visuals.

Find the right blogging course to help you become more aware of these challenges so that you know how to handle them as they arise.

© 2014 Lovelli Ariesti


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