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Why the iphone sucks

Updated on July 3, 2010
Picture by Don Taylor
Picture by Don Taylor

To the right of me you can see the device that Apple calls "revolutionary". The purpose of this article is to paint the flip side of the iconicized picture of the iPhone. This article is a work in progress, and probably will remain one for the entirety of the time we continue to use our iPhone. So take from it what you will and be sure comment on any of the arguments we have or have not presented!

Why the iPhone sucks

  • My iPhone freezes, ... a lot.
    For the week I have had this phone it has frozen no less than five times. One time when calling apple support about a technical issue I was told they would call back at to a different number. I ended the call, and ironically my iPhone froze.
  • Battery detection errors
    My iPhone seems to disagree with the theory of conservation of mass and energy, it often gains 20 - 30 % of energy for no reason. It also often says it loses upto 50% of it's energy within minutes. Obviously it's battery life is not that bad, it's only the battery dection software that is terrible.*Note the battery life melts away within an hour with 3G turned on.
  • Lack of a physical keyboard
    Though I was aware of what I was buying when I got the phone, to me, the lack of a physical keyboard is actually one of my greatest regrets in buying the product. Though I am able to type fairly well with the virtual board there is something about a physical keyboard that blows the touch screen out of the water.
  • Suggestion feature
    The apple suggestion feature has to be at-least one of the worst things about the mobile safari software. In just about every occasion it completely and utterly fails to suggest a word that I was intending to use. It is possible however to ad "misspelled" words into the iPhone dictionary, but regardless to me this feature serves absolutely no purpose and has been the cause of a lot of vexation.
  • Lack of Multitasking feature                                                                                             This is a must have for all smart phones, hopefully it is soon coming in the next 4G
  • No video recording for3G
    That is right... the six hundred dollar smart phone lacks a native video recorder, even though it has a 3 MP camera.


That's it, that's my list of the worst things about the iPhone I have personally discovered as of yet.I would like to say, overall, I love the iPhone. But it's a $599 machine, and the errors I've noticed so far really should of been corrected by the RnD team at apple... However I would highly recommend to any potential iPhone customers to buy an iPod touch and a cheaper cell phone with a physical keyboard. Anyways, on a more important note If there is ANYTHING up there you find doesn't belong, or you have something interesting to say about, leave a comment bellow. If you've experienced anything I've missed key in a comment and I'll be sure to check it out!

What do you hate most about the iPhone?

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