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Why 3-Dimensional Mailers Are Good For Generating Qualified Leads

Updated on October 25, 2015

In recent times, marketers have been searching for the most cost effective means to spread their word, generate qualified leads and reach their targeted audience. As easy as it has been in using the traditional marketing activities such as webcasts, trade shows, and email marketing since they do bring new leads, marketers are never assured of the quality of these leads which may at times not convert to sales as would be desired.

Unless you are one of the senior-level decision makers within your targeted business in order to sign-off on a sale, you always risk prolonging your sales cycle against the business's norm when using these true and tested marketing methods to connect with your contacts.

Marketing to Decision Makers

Since the market environment is very competitive today for those who wish to reach decision makers, businesses have to get creative and make some alterations to their marketing efforts. Thus, leveraging on alternative means which are extra unique when executed and less exhaustive is the best option. Consequently, the best way to do this is by using 3-dimensional mailers.

Benefits of Three-Dimensional Marketing Campaigns

Without a doubt, there is a lot of market overload today. By using these dimensional mailers, you can be assured that your business will be at the forefront to get those targeted leads since other marketing strategies risk missing the mark.

Some of the benefits that you stand to have when using these three-dimensional marketing campaigns are:

1. Clutter breakthrough

It is often annoying people have to sieve through all the marketing material being thrown at them while they are surfing or reading press material. By using these three-dimensional pieces, marketers forge materials which are unique and stand-out from all the rest. As a result, it invokes curiosity and grabs the immediate attention. Do you know anyone who can resist a big, mysterious packaged box that is sitting on their desk?

2. Reaching decision makers

In order to guard the decision makers, administrative assistants usually filter the marketing communication made to them thereby preventing this information from being accessed by the intended recipient. This is the exact opposite when it comes to those well-crafted packages. When you use these mailers, the package often zooms right these assistants and reach the decision maker for their action. This is a huge plus.

3. Making an impact

With time, people usually get tired of the repetitive marketing antics such as emails, ads and brochures since they blend together and begin looking similar. Once you send a creative mailer with dimensions, they not only grab the recipient's attention, but they also lead to those unique and memorable experiences which communicate value and positively reflect on the brand.

Components of an Effective Three-Dimensional Campaign

The ability of the 3-dimensional mailers to take different shapes and sizes makes them quite unique and immediately grab the recipient's attention. Although special sizing is always a plus, when you incorporate those well-defined and creative messages and themes, it becomes even more pulling.

In order for it to succeed even more and ensure total absorption, you can opt to send it along with another campaign and not as a standalone activity. Thus, using various marketing mediums and activities will ensure that it connects well with the audience.

It does not matter how you combine the various integrated marketing activities when using the three-dimensional pieces. To ensure effectiveness and that the target recipient is captured, you should always ensure to make phone calls to the mailing room, do the mailing timely and do follow-ups. In addition, you should have a good strategy for your call-to-action with clear steps on how you will achieve them.

Open the Door for Dynamic Conversations

By stepping out of the comfort zone to implement campaigns that are better targeted, you become assured that you will achieve results. Thus, using dimensional mailers is always a good way to achieve this.

If you intend to break the barrier that is often associated with clutter, make an impact and ensure you reach the decision makers, then sending these mailers is the best option. Additionally, you are assured that they will open for you those doors to allow for dynamic conversations with the senior-level decision makers. So, what are you waiting for, go try them and see great results.


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