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Why Android is the Best

Updated on April 19, 2012

Android is an open-source software and this is one of the main reasons that android is better than it's competitors. What open-source means is that anyone and everyone can develop applications for android devices, whether for personal use or to sell in the Google Play Store.

The Android OS has some of the best and worst apps. Before getting into this, and explanation of what an application or app is. An application or app is a program which you download to do a variety of functions. This function can either be a game, a to-do list, daily planner, note taking, handwriting (so you can just write on the screen instead of typing). Different uses for apps is in a later post.

Why the Google Play Store is one of the Best

The Google Play Store (formerly android market) is one of the best because it allows people to make apps along with professionals. Making an app for personal use is usually free and is not very hard. If you want to sell in the Google Play Store (formerly android market), There is a fee for publishing the app from Google and most likely the company that you made the app with.

What Types of Apps can you Download

The types of applications or apps for android gives you a range of things that one can do with an android tablet or phone. It pretty much depends on the user and what do they want to do with the Android device. For example, if you are in school and need to use the tablet or phone for that purpose, there are apps for that. Photography there are a plethora of apps for that, Interior decorator, whether it is ideas or designing there are apps for that.

These apps usually fall under two main categories, free and paid. Now free versions of apps do come with ads. This for some apps is a drawback, but not always. The Weather Channel app does come with ads, but it is very useful. The Weather Channel app does give you a lot of much-needed information. If you have allergies, like myself, then it will let you know what the air quality is like. It also gives you storm warnings and gives you a brief summary of what kind and how long the warning is in effect for.

Another thing is that a few of the free apps only show ads at certain points in the program. The UNO free app only shows the ad while on the home screen and in between hands at the very top. While it is the player's play the ad goes away.

This also means that you are going to need some sort of security. For free there is Lookout and Avast just to name a couple. It is extremely advisable to get some sort of security so that you catch any viruses, or advertisements places in the notifications area. Personally I have used the Lookout suite for the longest, the free version, and my phone and tablet have remained free of viruses. If an android device is lost Lookout will make the android device scream (ring very loudly) so that it can easily be found. Along with making it scream, Lookout will also show you about where it's located. All you have to do is log in with a computer. The instructions will be on the screen.

Paid apps are not necessarily always the best, such as Note Stacks is an app which I have yet to buy the paid version for. This is because it does everything I need it to do without all the extra amenities that come along with getting the paid version. Also, Note Stacks (free version) does not have any ads within the program. Sometimes the free versions are well enough made that the paid version is worth it, along with helping out the developer.


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