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Why Android was the European Commission sued unfair competition?

Updated on April 21, 2016

The goal of the EC?

A very large number of Android phones sold in Europe are pre-installed Google Tools, in that there are two things to be EC refers in particular, Google Search and Google Chrome. Most of the app are shown clearly, eye catching right in the main screen of any Android phone you can buy. Google Maps, YouTube, Search were collected into "Google" on the homescreen, icon Chrome, sometimes placed in the machine's dock bar.

This is one of the conditions that Google forced the manufacturer must follow when they signed the agreement with each other. "The agreement to distribute mobile applications" (MADA) this refers to the process of taking place the Google app explicitly, in return the manufacturers will be using Google Play Store and visit some other application offered by Google.

This agreement is also the main things are unfair and that the EC is the move takes advantage of the power to intervene in the market.

But Android is open source and the manufacturer can still use it without the Google app?

Yes, Android is widely available for anyone who wants to use the option. However, Android is not itself attract the most powerful users. Instead, Google services, and the first party applications like YouTube, Google Maps is the new Saturday truely retaining users in the platform, not to mention the people buy your Android to can easily access the repository Google app Play Store with millions of applications that reside on it. Only new Google holding the key to the Play on the Store, if you only go online get the Android source code on and load on the machine is not available to the app Store and Google Play in it. The original Android version does not install the Google Services are called AOSP Android, while Google had much intervention from Google.

In other words, the phone companies are not allowed to do a customized Android, for example the Fire Amazon's for example, OS if they want Play Store. You look at the Fire Depot, it is used that OS Amazon's own Appstore use Play Store. Similarly, Nokia earlier also not work Play Store that uses its own store, even change always both Google Maps HERE. However, this store does not grow as the Play Store.
So, basically the most mobile phones sold in Europe (as well as in the us or many Asian countries) are to Play Store and Google Services as a way to attract users. If you business AOSP Android phone, home network or Distributor would take on because simply they will not sell it to the customers. With more than 80% of the market are in the hands of Android (the remainder mainly iPhone), Google has the right, if not exclusive, control of the app would be allowed preset up the smartphone sold in this area. "Intensive" in signing MADA is completely voluntary, in the agreement clearly stated like that, but in fact, the airline no longer other way smartphone if it wants to sell the phone.

Google is becoming the victim of themself

In 2007, Google join the game on the mobile phone market is intense competition with many big names such as Symbian, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, and this is also the time that the iPhone OS begins to appear (later changed to the new iOS). Google has in turn beat all the big names except iOS by offering more services and features that our competitors do not have or cannot change fast enough to run under.

From the aspect of a work phone, Android is a free, open OS, able to survive and help reduce development costs. Who provides Android, Google is active again, according to the way that an optimal profitability company will choose to operate: the airline won the trust of users with high-quality services, as well as have the advantage to consolidate and develop its position. Google advertising Google Search on Android because the show ads next to the search results is also a major source of revenue of the company.

Over time, Google growing up, and until about 2013 we start seeing the overwhelmed by Android compared to all mobile operating systems exist on the market. Also because of that which the EC has to touch my neck. Assuming Google just holding in his hand a tiny share of the market, the less likely the airline being vướn into the legal troubles like this.

Isn't Microsoft doing with the integrated IE into the Windows?

True, no different at all. The similarity in the service Microsoft sued exclusively for IE in Europe, and Google being investigated on a more visible. Android has become a second Windows on the phone with market share so large, both Google and Microsoft have the policy with hardware manufacturers to promote their app. Not to mention the Microsoft and Google also does not take sides in the EC service. Several years ago Google and Opera are said to be the one who revealed the information leading up to 730 million penalty Microsoft. 2013, Microsoft turned to ask EC investigating preset policy of the Android app.

However, the major difference of Microsoft versus Google services is that people really like the Google app, while with IE users not that salty. Microsoft forcing users to use IE6 in ways that users do not feel satisfied, while Google's ecosystem is many people like and want to spend more. With most people, email is still the best Gmail, Google is still the best map Maps, network video YouTube is still the best, and all are available on Android. As such, the pre-installed app will "help" users more than making them feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, Google itself Play Store is also a means of advertising for the main rival of Google. This is the way that you can easily download Here Maps, Vimeo, Firefox and many other things.

Whether Google has been forced to install the user's Guide to the app as opponents the way that Microsoft had to do with the browser in Windows?

You may not yet know, but until today, when you buy a new computer which in Europe then you will see a dialog box appears asking do you wish to use IE not, if not then it is the other option (listed on Firefox, Chrome ... included download link). That is because the EC has forced Microsoft to do it, and with Google then theoretically this can also happen.


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