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Why Your Youtube Videos Are Important Even If They Don't Rank on Google

Updated on July 27, 2018
Alia Littlefield profile image

Alia is a writer & artist creating new content everyday so that she can further her journey to become an accomplished author.

Since early 2005, YouTube has impacted the lives of many personal brands and individuals that choose to create video content.

During the thirteen years that YouTube has been around, many creators have listed an unimaginable amount of content that has been shared across the world.

YouTube has been a great asset for those who want to build and personalize their brand or get a message out there for people to view and share.

One of the best ways to personalize your brand is by creating video content on YouTube. The content that you create can direct sells to your business or engage an audience.

When creating a video for your personal brand or business, one of the most important things to learn is how to create content that ranks in Google so that you can attract the right viewership.

It may be difficult to learn how to create videos that can rank on Google or just how to use SEO to bring in viewership, but there is some information that can guide you in the right direction.

Something to keep in mind is that videos are still important even though they don't rank in Google's search engine.

Why Are Videos Still Important Even If They Don't Rank in Google?

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to rank a video with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that it can be seen on the top pages in Google search. After much research the videos are still not ranking, is this a big deal?

Even if the videos don't rank in Google, they still have a very important factor and value to viewers around the world.

Something to keep in mind is that even though the videos might not be getting the kind of views that are desirable, they may still be affecting someone's life positively.

Videos that don't bring in much viewership may still be getting views and may still be impacting the lives of others. Let’s say that you only have a thousand views on a video, out of a thousand views two-hundred of those might be several people that have invested time to watch your video. The time invested translates to how significant the video has been for that individual. The content of the video can not only change the creator’s life but the life of others as well.

Creating the right type of video content is important when trying to build a personal brand. if you're only trying to sell a product and cannot capture the emotion behind why that product might have life-changing value, then you aren't creating videos that people can relate to.

Having a brand that is relatable or something that people can find interesting is important when putting yourself and your content out there on YouTube or the internet.

With that being said, There are more than several different types of videos that you can build your content off of.

Frustration is something that is experienced often when trying to figure out what works.
Frustration is something that is experienced often when trying to figure out what works.

Why Aren’t My Videos Ranking on Google?

There are many factors that go into ranking your video on the top of Google’s search pages.

Video Tags

When a video is processing or uploading to YouTube's service, there is an option to put tags below the video. Tags are a way to label the content of your video. For example, if the video deals with gaming content and a specific game is played during that length of the video's content, there is an option to choose that specific game as a category and also put the name of it in the tags. This can raise the visibility of the video and give it more of a chance to rank on pages. It will also help people find the video easier if they happen to be searching for that particular subject.

A unique way to increase visibility on Google is to use tags that are being searched frequently.

Google AdWords

A way to figure out how many times your keywords or phrases are being searched is to look into using Google AdWords.

Despite the lack of visibility some of the videos on your channel page might have, the more content that is put out the higher chance your videos have to be seen by a search engine or a person who is searching for the content of that video.

Video Title and Thumbnails

Another thing that goes into the search engine is the title of your video. Have you ever heard of clickbait? There is a reason why many people use titles that catch a person's attention along with a thumbnail that does the same exact thing.

Creating eye-catching video titles and thumbnails is a way to bring in views, although this doesn’t always dictate how many views you are going to bring in.

Using catchy titles and images for your thumbnails is a great way to practice creating visually appealing content for your Channel.

Saturated Categories

There are millions of people creating content on the internet today. It can be quite a difficult task when trying to create unique content in a category that is very saturated. An example of this is the gaming category on YouTube. There are plenty of people that like to play games and show their gameplay while personalizing their brand with a personality.

There are plenty of people that can pull off great personalities and bring great viewership. Although, these online personalities had to start somewhere.

Creating content for a YouTube channel is very frustrating when the subscriber count is zero and the videos only have a handful of views.

Even if a category on YouTube might be saturated, something to keep in mind is that if there is something unique to be shared and it will eventually be seen if you put in the work.


It is important to harness a ton of patience when it comes to creating video content. It can take months, maybe even years to build a viewership. Having an overnight success is highly improbable unless somehow you tapped into the secret viral video formula.

It is easy to become inpatient overtime and if this happens it is good to take a break from YouTube. Taking a break can clear your mind from any distractions that might be taking away from the quality content that is being produced.

Quality Over Quantity

Creating content for YouTube can become an obsession. it is easy to get stuck in the loop of creating many videos without paying attention to the quality that is being produced.

It can be damaging to a personal brand if the content that is being created is not of high quality. Producing a lot of videos of higher quality isn’t as bad for a personal brand as putting out a ton of low-quality videos.

The more content that is put out on the channel for the personal brand, the more likely people are going to see it. Because this is a factor, it is important to make sure that the content is of high quality no matter how many videos you make.

Having quality videos on your channel is going to be more reputable for a personal brand.

Benefits of Video content

  • Creating Value & Relationships: Personal brands can create relationships with those who become subscribers to their YouTube channel. Having videos is a great way for people to reach out to the company and it is a great way for the company to answer questions through the comments section on YouTube. Even if company or branding isn't reaching out to hundreds and thousands of people, it is a great way to create lasting relationships between the few people who do happen to have a bond with them. Creating lasting relationships when having a personal brand is a great way to create value.
  • Voicing a Stance: The world can be a very difficult place to thrive in when there is so much going on. Videos can be a great way to transcribe emotional feedback that an individual might be experiencing. People don't always speak up about how they feel about certain events in life. Creating content that voices concerns or stances with specific events and happenings can influence others to take a stance in the world today.
  • Entertainment: One of the greatest things about creating, is that it doesn't always have to have a serious tone to it. People can create for the purpose of entertaining others or just for their own interest. there is a lot of freedom that comes from creating videos and when you can approach content creating with a more humorous tone, it becomes a more amusing factor to the world of videos.
  • Tell a story: Creating is a great way to tell a story. Stories can be about anything. They can be about becoming a better person or overcoming obstacles in life. There is always a story to be told. Creating videos doesn't always have to be about selling items or reviewing a product. There is always a unique story that can be told to inspire others and change lives. With every story, there is something positive and life-changing.
  • Earn passive income: Building a personal brand may take time and management but can be a very rewarding experience for those who want to build a stream of passive income. YouTube offers creators earned revenue through Google Adsense. Google Ad Sense is a way for people to earn money through ads that companies pay to put in front of an individual. Creators earn a percentage of the money that is paid out to YouTube when someone clicks on those ads. Ad Revenue can be a very significant thing for those who want to create a passive income but is something that needs to be built over time.


Creating video content on YouTube can be about many things. There are many different approaches to take when building a personal brand or business as well.

There are also opportunities for those who just want to entertain others, so it doesn't always have to be about personal branding and business.

Entertainers or people who create for fun have just the same amount of opportunity to create revenue or a personal brand when it comes to building a channel through viewership and subscribers on YouTube.

In today's world, there are so many different ways to get an audience that may become interested in what you have to offer.

As said earlier, you don't always have to start out ranking on Google’s first page. This is something that can be acquired over time. With that time that is spent learning how to create the right thumbnails, tags, titles and learning SEO the knowledge required to rank on Google, your work will eventually pay off.

It is not always easy to obtain success when creating videos. There might be that occasional video that happens to rank high on the pages and get a lot of views but then other videos don’t. Over time, people will come to the channel for more content similar to the videos that have ranked high.

The videos created will get more views as you figure out the tactics for creating content on YouTube that ranks in Google.

If you decide to create a YouTube channel, don't let the mountains you have to climb to become successful hold you back.

© 2018 Alia Littlefield


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    • Erudite Scholar profile image

      Jeff Zod 

      5 months ago from Nairobi

      Thanks Alia.Your articles are inspiring ;-)

    • Alia Littlefield profile imageAUTHOR

      Alia Littlefield 

      5 months ago

      I'm glad you found the article helpful. I hope that it can help you out when you start your YouTube channel. Good luck!

    • Erudite Scholar profile image

      Jeff Zod 

      5 months ago from Nairobi

      I absolutely love your article.It is well written and informative. I will be creating a channel soon.This insights will be useful.


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