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Why Asthmatic Smokers Should Switch to E-Cigs

Updated on May 25, 2017

We've known for years that smoking is one of the most irritating factors for those with asthma. It can cause severe asthma attacks that leave the individual breathless, or even land them in the hospital. Nevertheless, doctors see millions of patients each year who continue to smoke despite their asthma.

New research shows that vaping may be a much better alternative that doesn't appear to cause asthma attacks or irritate the lungs.

VIDEO: Smoking vs Vaping

Vaping & Asthma - What's the Relation?

Multiple studies have looked into the effects of vaping vs. smoking for asthma patients, seeking to answer the question: Does vaping affect asthma?

Studies looked at instances of asthma-related symptoms reported over a period of one year between groups of smokers who switched to e-cigarettes completely and those who used e-cigs at least part-time.

Throughout the studies it became apparent that many of the participants were able to successfully give up cigarettes using vapour alone. A look at the participants' lungs revealed that their lung capacity and responsiveness both improved during this time, although those who continued to smoke traditional cigarettes part-time saw significantly fewer results.

Is Vaping Safer than Smoking?

For asthma patients, even second-hand smoke can trigger an attack. Vaping improves the health of asthma patients in several ways. First of all, the vapour being inhaled has roughly the same amount of chemicals as the ambient air, so there is little chance of irritating the lungs. In addition, it does not produce any second-hand effects that could linger in the air and cause attacks.

For those who switched completely to vaping and away from traditional tobacco products, there were numerous reports of improved quality of life.

Participants noted that they had an easier time breathing and were better able to get out of the house, exercise or participate in other hobbies that were previously hard on their body.

There is still plenty to be learned about vaping and asthma, but current research shows that even switching to e-cigarettes part time can be an important step in allowing your lungs to heal and function better.

The more cigarettes you can give up, the more drastic the results become. Most users reported that after switching to vapour they were able to give up nearly all of their cigarettes right away and wean off the last few shortly after.

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