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Why Blackberry is still in The Smartphone Race

Updated on May 30, 2015

Many say the Canadian phone company is a fossil and is obsolete. Others, like myself, disagree with those people and are using Blackberry (previously known as Research-in-Motion) smartphones. In the next few paragraphs I will explain why the Blackberry community is still thriving.


The most common question I get is "How do you survive? There are no apps!" What the investigators don't understand is that all Blackberry 10 models can run .bar and .apk files. These files are essentially android files, which means that you can get any android app on a Blackberry 10 device! All you need to do is download them and they will work instantly. "Downloading the files must be so much work" It's not! In fact, it's so simple my parents can do it. There are many ways you can get these files. The most common way being downloading a third party app store online and downloading the apps from there, the app stores will also update the files, which is pretty useful. You can also use a computer to transfer the files to your phone. If you want more information or a tutorial just search it on youtube or go to


Another reason Blackberry is still in the smartphone race is because of its software. Blackberry has the most user-friendly software I have ever come across. The hub seamlessly merges all of your notifications, including third-party applications, into one place. Blackberry OS is user-friendly and safe. Blackberry OS has been rated by countless companies "the safest" operating system. Blackberry is one of the few companies left that don't sell your information unlike Apple and Samsung. Still not convinced? President Barack Obama and Morgan Freeman uses a Blackberry smartphone because of its security. After all, it is the software that lets you seamlessly switch between work life and personal life.


Most technology companies make their products in China with cheap parts that won't last long. Blackberry devices are made in Mexico. Why not in China like everybody else? Because of security. Someone working in the factory could easily steal products or software code and make fake Blackberries. That is why there are so many fake iPhones and iPhones being sold illegally out there. Blackberry uses quality materials that make the phone so durable and almost unbreakable. The reason why there are so many battery packs and cases for other phones is because they use cheap and non-lasting materials. I once dropped my Blackberry Z10 in the toilet (it doesn't belong there) and it still works perfectly, but don't worry it is clean now.

Comparing Battery Life

Battery Life (Standby)
Release Date
Blackberry Z10
13 days
February 5 2013
Blackberry Z30
16 days
September 18 2013
Blackberry Passport
15 days
September 24 2014
Blackberry Leap
17 days
April 29 2015
iPhone 5
9 days
September 12 2012
iPhone 5s
10 days
September 20 2013
iPhone 6
10 days
September 19 2014
iPhone 6 plus
16 days
September 19 2014
Samsung Galaxy S3
May 29 2012
Samsung Galaxy S5
16 days
April 11 2014
Samsung Galaxy S6
21 days
April 10 2015
Nexus 5
October 21 2013
Nexus 6
November 29 2014

I chose to compare Battery Life because that is the most important part of a phone. I also chose to compare phones from the same time period. The S3, Nexus 5, and Nexus 6 all had countless drainage problems when I was looking for the standby time.

As you can see Apple is quite a few years behind Blackberry and Samsung. The 16 day standby time which was introduced with iPhone 6 plus was introduced by Blackberry in 2013 and by Samsung in early 2014. Also, Apple's "new feature" called NFC has been around since 2002.

What Phone do you have?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Nice man. Informative article, My business and most secure cell phone is still the BB Z10


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