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Why Buy an Amazon Kindle?

Updated on February 1, 2011

Buying a Kindle

I am not a gadget person at all. I don't have a smartphone and I don't plan to get one. I've never sent a text message and I hope that I never have to. But, the Amazon Kindle, the famed ebook reader, posed a gadget that was hard to resist. Any avid reader, or even casual reader, knows how much space books take up, how expensive they can be and how hard it is to pack the right ones and remember to take the books that you want to read. All of that is eliminated by using the Kindle read ebooks.

It can store thousands of books and it is compact and light. You can pack as many ebooks as you want on it and then you only have to remember to take your Kindle along with you. It takes up very little room, so you can pack it in a purse or even in a deep pocket. 

The first thing that struck me when it arrived is that the screen is astounding- it doesn't look at all like a computer screen. It is soft in color and easy on the eyes. It looks sooo much like newsprint that its' kind of weird when you remember that it's a reader screen. It is so easy to hold that you can sit or lie in many different positions that you couldn't before when holding a heavy book. All you need is one hand, and you don't have to keep shifting to turn pages. It's great to have when you are tired or curled up in blankets.

Amazon Kindle 6" Ebook Reader

The version of the Kindle that I got was the 6" display screen with 3G and Wi-Fi. The other option, shown below, has Wi-Fi but not 3G. This limits the usability of the ebook reader a little, in that you can't use it on 3G networks, but it does come with a major advantage. This one is now only $139. That's less than most textbooks cost nowadays, and you don't even have to spend another dime to get books to read on the ebook reader.

There are thousands of free ebooks to read on the Kindle, and you can get them through Amazon and read them right away. Actually, you can start loading them onto your Kindle before you even get your Kindle. Once they have marked your Kindle for shipping, they have already linked it to your Kindle account. You can load it full of free ebooks, paid ebooks or any combination of the two, and you can read them all when the unit arrives. I was pretty astounded at how easy it was to find the free ebooks and to load them onto the unit. Once it arrives, you have to touch the uploading option to get your pre-ordered choices to upload to the machine. We had the free ebooks that I'd selected load to the Kindle in less than five minutes.

The free ebooks available make it easy to read all of those classics that you meant to read one day. I've loaded my Kindle with tons of Sherlock Holmes books, Jane Austen works, Beowulf, the major works of Mark Twain and more- and all of it has been free. I can keep them on the Kindle for as long as I like and read them at my leisure without lugging them around.

6" 3G and Wi-Fi

Our 6" Amazon Kindle unit is slightly upgraded from the $139 version- it has free 3G and Wi-Fi. I'm not 100% sure that it is worth the extra $50 if you don't plan to read the book away from your home very often, but I do like having that option. Actually, the 3G on this unit works globally, so you can read it on a plane, take it to Europe with you, hit the coast of Greenland- wherever you want to go, you can read your Kindle.

The Kindle is easy to hold in one hand and extremely light. That makes it nice and cozy to read in bed, so I haven't been dragging it around town very much. If you plan to read it at home and use your own Wi-Fi network, there's no reason to pay more than the $139 for the Wi-Fi version. 

Kindle Cases

When I bought my Kindle, I got two cases for it to try them out. Not super familiar with gadgets, I didn't really know if one was even necessary. What I have found that if you are taking it in a purse or pocket very often, a case is very nice to have. it protects it from any damage, and it makes it easy to grip.

There are a wide array of Kindle cases available, including designer cases for those who have designer tastes. There are also inexpensive cases that are perfectly attractive and protective to the unit. You can go with a basic black or gray case, or you can dress up your Kindle with bright colors and patterns. 

Acase Genuine Leather Flip Case for Kindle 3 (Keyboard) with Multiple Position Stand (Black)
Acase Genuine Leather Flip Case for Kindle 3 (Keyboard) with Multiple Position Stand (Black)

This is an extremely nice case and my favorite of the ones we tried. It has real leather on the inside, making it nice to hold the reader. It's also sturdy and looks great on the Kindle. It also makes it possible to stand the Kindle up and read it as you cook or engage in other activities. And- you can't beat the price.

CaseCrown Amazon Kindle 2 Faux Leather Opening Case with Interior Compartments (Pink)
CaseCrown Amazon Kindle 2 Faux Leather Opening Case with Interior Compartments (Pink)

With a pink case you can add a little fun and color to your Kindle.



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