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Why Creating A Music Library Saves Time

Updated on December 4, 2012
A screenshot of Windows Media Player
A screenshot of Windows Media Player
A screenshot of Songbird
A screenshot of Songbird

Music Soothes The Savage Beast

Have you ever got a song stuck in your head and wanted to play it if only you knew where the CD was? Or have you thought about listening to that song that makes you all happy and energetic only to realize that the song, located somewhere on the computer, has the following title: Track1 -Unknown Artist - Unknown Album?

Sorting out your music library is perhaps one of the greatest things you could do. It saves time when you're looking for a particular song or simply want to be a DJ for an evening. There are many programs available which can help you sort out music on your laptop or computer. If you haven't got music on your computer but only a bunch of CDs lying around, it's time to create that library!

So What Will I Need?

Let's start with the basics. You will need a computer with an optical drive, sufficient disk space on your hard drive and, of course, time. So it's best to do this in the evenings after work, on a weekend or on holiday. If you are uncertain about how much disk space you have available, click Start > My Computer > (right click on the local disk) > Properties. This should tell you how much disk space you have used and how much you have left. It all depends on how many CDs you have to copy to the computer as to how much space you'll need.

Have you considered....

One of the best investments someone could make is buying an external hard drive for your computer. This device plugs in via a USB (Universal Serial Bus- for those who've always wondered what it meant) and connects to your computer via Plug 'n Play (the device is plugged in and Windows locates any drivers which might be needed if any). I have invested in a 1TB (1000GB) external hard drive on which I store my music, videos and other various files. I have barely used up half of the size of the external drive in a year.

Now, you have all of the above mentioned items (optical drive, CD with music, disk space and time), so it's time to see if you have the correct software in order to create this library filled with your wonderful music! I assume some users are comfortable with using a computer, but for those who are not, don't despair! It is not a complicated task to create a music library.

Windows Media Player (WMP) comes standard with Microsoft Windows. If you haven't already upgraded, you should consider upgrading to the latest version of WMP. A link will be listed below in order to upgrade quickly. The reason for this is that once a CD is inserted into the optical drive, WMP looks up the information from a database to best match the inserted CD. But beware, sometimes the CD and the match found do not even match! To be certain, check the song title and artist against those it has found. If it matches, you're ready to rip! If it doesn't, you must edit the information by right clicking on the item and clicking edit.

Before ripping however, Click the rip tab. Underneath the tab is an arrow. Click on the arrow and select more options. There you can specify the folder to which the music must be ripped to, the format it must be ripped in and the quality of the song. I prefer mp3 formats as they are small and play well. The quality of the song is up to the user but it's best to set the quality in the middle to get an even distribution of sound. Click apply and okay and then you are ready to rip your CD.

It's as simple as that! Music will  be arranged in the folders and easy to locate. If you feel it's still a problem, a good alternative to WMP is Songbird. This program can organize your music in folders by artist, album and song title. I use many programs but I recommend WMP for ripping music and Songbird to organize it.

Do you organize your music?

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