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Why Diploma Mechanical Engineers Should Join Marine Engineering?

Updated on June 28, 2016

Are you a Diploma in Mechanical Engineer?, Do you want to join a profession that pays highest salary? Are you looking for a job that will provide adventure and opportunity to travel around the world? make sure that you read the full article to know more about this only profession that gives an opportunity for diploma engineers to grow up to the highest level of being chief engineer.

In this article I will be explaining you what is marine engineering?, what is the kind of job you will be doing, what are the pros and cons of marine engineering field? and how you can become a marine engineer.

If you want quickly have a look at one of the best maritime training institute in India for diploma mechanical engineers than visit Institute Of Maritime Studies in India

What is Marine Engineering?

Marine Engineering is all about engineering knowledge in ships, oil rigs, boats or any marine vessel or structure. Marine Engineers are the professionals who work as engineers in ships or oil rigs or any kind of marine vessel.

A Marine Engineer is someone who is responsible for operation and maintenance of marine machinery and make the ship available for propulsion at any given time. Since ship is always moving offshore, the engineer working in ships has to have the knowledge of all engineering fields like mechanical, electrical, chemical, ship construction, environmental science and others.

The Marine engineers in ship consists of team headed by chief engineer, followed by second engineer, third engineer, fourth engineer and trainee engineer and also fitters. Together they work as a team to keep all the machinery in working order and ship available for propulsion.

What Kind Of Job You Will be Doing as Marine Engineer?

As I have mentioned earlier, the main activity of marine engineer is to keep the marine machinery in operating condition and be able to troubleshoot and rectify the faulty machines in deep sea. It is always a team work in ship so there is nothing to worry about.

There are no fixed working hours, if there is problem in ships machinery than you will be working 16 to 18 hours continuously and no holidays in ship. You will be working in ship for a contract of 6 to 9 months and this will vary from one shipping company to another.

If there is no problem in any ship machinery than you will be doing bare minimum work and relaxing and enjoying most of the times. Most of the ships are now having internet and communication facilities so you can always be in-touch with your family.

To work on marine machinery you need to have knowledge about all the different type of machines installed in ships, these marine machinery are not the same as that of other industrial machines. For this purpose there is a need to study marine engineering.

After studying marine engineering in Director General of Shipping(India) approved institute, you will be joining ship as trainee marine engineer. After having sailing experience you can answer next level exam and get promoted to next rank.

Good and Bad Part Of Marine Engineering Career

As a diploma engineer you may be having lot of job offerings in various fields of engineering, but it is important to understand is that what will be the future of your career after 10 years. Will you be able to reach the top level of management. Even if you reach such high level in your organization what will be the salary.

Just consider this a chief engineer of a ships gets paid about Rs 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 per month, the payment range may vary from company to company. Also at every rank that is 4th engineer to 2nd engineer the salary is very high compared to any shore based jobs.

Any hardworking student can get to the rank of chief engineer within 8 to 10 years. There is a lot of respect in the society for them, also if at any point of time you decide to take up shore based jobs than company always gives first preference to marine engineers because of their capability of handling responsibility.

The only down side of this profession is that you will not be with your family for 4 to 6 months and some times even more. But again the good thing is that most of the ships are having internet facilities and you can be in-touch with your families online. Also you will have continuous vacation of 3 to 4 months where in you can spend full time with your family.

Imagine how wonderful it is that you get to travel around the world and also get paid for it. After attaining certain rank in this field you will be eligible to take your family along with you in the ship.

How to Join Marine Engineering Professions?

If you are now deciding to be a part of Indian merchant navy than it is very important that you join a maritime institute that is approved by DGS India. There are few of the institutes in India that provide training for diploma engineers. The pre sea training period diploma engineers is 2 years, that is after completing your diploma in mechanical/electrical engineering you will have to do 2 years of pre sea training.

Since you will be spending 2 years and also fees it is important that you choose right institute. Institute of Maritime Studies-Goa is one of the best pre sea training institute in India because of its excellent training and also providing 100% placement. The student are selected by the shipping companies right at the time of admission and after completion of training the students are given jobs. The institute is bound by its principle of providing training to only candidates that have been selected by shipping companies. There are very limited seats.

If you are interested to join this training program than better hurry. You will have to visit online website and fill up the application form after reading the instructions thoroughly.

This I feel is one of the best opportunity for diploma engineers to grow in career, just remember there is age limit and if you cross that age limit you will never be able to take up this profession in the future. For more details visit website.

Wish you all the best.


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    • profile image

      chiranjivi kr 21 months ago

      Sir I have passed my inter exam can I join?

    • profile image

      ANKITA PAWAR 22 months ago

      girls can apply for these

    • profile image

      ANKITA PAWAR 22 months ago

      girls can apply for these ??

    • Anandkg22 profile image

      Anand Kumar 22 months ago

      Admissions are open please visit

    • profile image

      prasad panchal 2 years ago

      Is swimming mandatory criteria for marine engg.?

    • profile image

      vipulcahudhari 2 years ago

      I completed mechanical diploma what next for join this???

    • profile image

      aravinth kumar.r 2 years ago

      i like this job. but studing in fees no. ANY TIME WORKING IN THE SHIP

    • profile image

      siddusiddarth630 3 years ago

      sir i completed my diploma in mechanical stream with 77%then now im interested to join in merchant navy course DME which is offers for diploma holders and my query please give me the name of institution which offers 100%placements definitely because of im from poor family

    • profile image

      suraj chavan 3 years ago

      Iam also interested to join marine engineering .but how, is there institute for this or we have to give any entrance exam

    • profile image

      harish mailapalli 3 years ago

      Iam also complite diploma mechamical engineering pass i join this course

    • Anandkg22 profile image

      Anand Kumar 3 years ago

      If you are age is less than 27years than you can join. Go to website and submit application

    • profile image 3 years ago

      i want to join. i have passed my Mechanical Engg diploma last year in the month of August. I am intrested.