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Why Do People Like Bad Lip Readings On Youtube?

Updated on September 6, 2017

There's a myth about deaf people that they can read people's lips. A lot of people believe this myth, when the reality is, that most of them just guess what people are saying based on context of the situation or read a couple of words through lip reading and guess the rest. Only about 30-40% of words in the English language can accurately be read through lip reading. To get that 30-40% the lip reader has to concentrate very hard and be able to see the person's lips the entire time.

Source: (And many other places as well.)

The youtube channel, Bad Lip Readings, takes advantage of this fact. They take the sound out of popular news, movies, television shows, and sports clips, then they re-add sound effects and voices of their own to make it look like the people are saying ridiculous things with hilarious results. It looks very believable because it's so easy to misread someone's lips.

Here are a few of the reasons why people love Bad Lip Readings...

1. The Voice Actors

The voice actors do a really good job of changing the tone of their voice, the accent of it, and more, to make it sound similar to the real people's voices in the videos they make, making it look more like they're really saying those things.

They're also good at choosing ridiculous words, phrases, and sounds that it looks like the people in the clips are making based on the shape of their mouth at the time.

It may seem simple to do this kind of thing, after all, it's so easy to misread what people are saying, but it isn't. I've seen people try to imitate this concept on youtube and do a bad job at it. They just didn't have good sound equipment, weren't good at voice acting, and used words that didn't really fit the lip movement happening on screen.

I'm sure it takes a lot of practice (and a lot of goofing around) before they are able to make a product this good.

2. The Sound Effects And Video Editing

When Bad Lip Readings makes these videos, they take all sounds from the video, so they have to re-add any sound effects, noises, or music needed to make the scene more believable. Sometimes this involves adding ridiculous sound effects. Other times, it means adding believable ones, but those little details makes the clips more believable and funny.

Bad Lip Readings also have some great editing. They take real footage from real stuff, but they don't play entire episodes or anything like that. They just take out the clips they want and put them in the order they want until they have the most hilarious content possible.

They also add random props and things to the clips. If you aren't paying attention, they are good enough with their editing to make the props look almost believable.

The people who work on this channel obviously make a great team and everything that every part of the team contributes, makes each clip that much better.

They're detail focused and I can't imagine how many hours they must go through of footage to get these short clips they use.

3. The Creativity

It's funny enough just adding the voices, but sometimes Bad Lip Readings also also adds additional flair and creative contexts, like making the Avengers all red necks with southern accents or when they took the presidential debates and made them into poetry readings.

4. How Much It Makes You Laugh...

I don't even watch football and yet I find all the NFL lip readings to be some of the funniest on the channel. Everything is even more hilarious, though, when it's something you know and love, when you can recognize where the clips are coming from, like me with the Walking Dead videos and Game of Thrones as well.

5. ...Because It Looks Like They Could Really Be Saying Those Things

I've seen this movie before and I even remember this scene, yet I can't remember thinking it looked like Peter was trying to freestyle with Gwen on the roof. I can't remember him making all those awkward and ridiculous movements in this scene, somehow his movements seemed natural to me, yet the people who make this channel picked up on the truth and made me feel like I missed something they obviously saw. I want to re-watch that movie and re-watch this roof scene and see if it will look the same to me this time around. Because it feels like I won't be able to see that scene again without laughing and I can no longer remember what they were truly saying during that scene.

6. They Voice Over Things That Are Popular...

People like them because they don't choose to voice over obscure stuff, like random people they film on the streets or unpopular youtube videos. That would be boring because for all we know, those people in those videos could be talking that way in real life and that none of the actual voice over would actually be clever.

Instead, they take popular clips from popular stuff and give a whole new spin to it. You recognize the clips, but you also feel like you missed some things after watching these videos.

7. ...Without Showing Bias

When Donald Trump won the presidency, it divided this country. On Inauguration Day, some of us watched with excitement, others with horror and tears. It's felt hard to reconcile both sides of this nation with each other.

Yet bad lip readings was able to make a video that entertained and united both sides of the political debate. I didn't think that was possible, especially when feelings were still so raw. It was welcome and nice to laugh about what was happening for a change, rather than focusing on all the serious discussions over it.

8. They Make Fantastic Music Videos

Sometimes they edit clips and add songs to them that they sell afterwards on itunes. They are able to come up with catchy beats to go along with the gibberish the characters are speaking and it makes you not know if you want to laugh more or sing along.


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