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Why Do People Love Youtuber, Onision?

Updated on September 5, 2016

Who Is Onision?

Onision is special because most of the things that make people like Onision are also the same things that make people hate him. I watch his videos, but even I'm not sure whether I like him or hate him at any given moment.

He's very blunt. He's unapologetic and he's usually only interested in his own opinions and no one else's. Sometimes he takes things too seriously and other times he doesn't take things seriously enough. He often lacks empathy as well.

If you're easily offended, you are pretty much guaranteed to be offended by one of his videos.

But his confidence and honesty are also what draw people to him.

His name is "Onision" not "onion", but people often confuse the two.

#1 He Doesn't Care What People Think

In this video, he's addressing people who wrote some mean comments about him online. But if you notice, he's not feeling sorry for himself and is showing very little emotion to his voice. One guy accuses him of being the biggest jerk on the internet and he kind of accepts that title proudly. Because of Onision's blunt talking style, a lot of people hate him and are very vocal about it online. They spread rumors about him or analyze his words and actions on videos.

He's aware of everything everyone says about him, but he genuinely doesn't care. He doesn't change and he's unapologetic.

This infuriates his critics, but excites his fans. Because he couldn't keep posting the things he does online and being blunt if he didn't have a strong personality and if he was easily offended.

2. He's Controversial

He tackles subjects and issues that most people are frightened to talk about. He often does so in an offensive way, rather than a diplomatic way. Like he talks about women hating their bodies in one of his videos, which is an important issue, but also says in the same video that people who hate their bodies are "idiots." I don't know if calling someone who already hates themselves an "idiot" is the right way of handling them, but he has little patience or tolerance for things that upset him.

A lot of people find it refreshing. They're tired of being politically correct and want someone to just "tell it like it is." They want someone who is unafraid of speaking on any issue and won't sugar coat anything they talk about.

3. He's Not Afraid To Be Mean

Onision doesn't get offended by much, so he has very little tolerance for other people getting offended by the things he says. He believes that he gets his message across better if he's harsh and has little patience for people who can't tolerate it.

He considers himself an intellectual, rather than emotional or empathetic person. So he tends to shun feelings for the sake of ideas. He'd rather be blunt and get his message across than protect someone's feelings.

4. He's Witty/Funny

Different people find different things humorous. We all have different personalities and different backgrounds that we all come from that contribute to this. So the people who hate Onision would probably disagree with this list and say he wasn't funny or witty at all.

Sometimes I don't find him funny or witty either, but most of his fans do the majority of the tme. His humor can be quite offensive, but I find myself laughing or thinking his witty insults are quite clever even if they cut a little close to home.

It really depends on whether you find him more offensive or more entertaining, how you will take his wit or humor. Like I said earlier, Onision is a very controversial youtuber. People tend to either love him or hate him with very few of them having a neutral opinion of him.

5. He Talks About Pop Culture

He analyzes pop culture in a lot of his videos. He talks about why people like or hate something and he even sometimes does impressions of other people, like other youtubers.

He finds most of his information by scouring the internet, posting other people's comments on the issue, and responding to them as well. You can tell he does hours of research, although people might question his research, since he uses sites like yahoo questions as a resource sometimes.

But I think he does this to make his videos more of a discussion than a monologue. He posts other people's opinions (usually the stupid ones) and responds with his own thoughts as well, so it has more of a dialogue feel.

6. He Talks About Society

Onision has a lot of opinions about society, including the fact that he's a vegan. He also talks about religion and feminism a lot as well. Some people appreciate his blunt thoughts on social problems and issues. Other people are greatly offended by them,

Even if you disagree with him (I don't agree with him about a lot of things), you can still find enjoyment with his videos if you don't allow his opinions to offend you. But different people can tolerate different things, so it all depends on the individual.


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