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Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning Off?

Updated on August 27, 2013
Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning Off?
Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning Off?

The name WiFi comes from a slogan that was originally part of the WiFi marketing platform, “The Standard for Wireless Fidelity”.

Today though, WiFi is better known for the fact it allows people to access the internet from almost any device without having to plug their device into a modem or wall socket of any kind. This makes life a lot easier as it allows people the convenience of moving around as much as they wish with their devices, without being tethered to one particular spot.

Sometimes though, there are issues with WiFi and it can be very irritating to have intermittent connections to the internet or have it drop out during an important online conversation or task.

How Can I Stop My WiFi Turning Off or Dropping Out?

It’s a good idea to start with the basics and work up from there, till you find a solution.

  1. If you’re in an older house or building, sometimes thick walls can interfere with the WiFi signal. Try going into the same room as the WiFi device or modem and seeing if the signal still drops out with a clear space.
  2. Check Other Devices. Do all devices have this issue (such as other computers, iPads or iPhones) or is it just on one device. This may indicate a problem with your device, not the internet connection itself.
  3. Check your modem. Look at the lights on your modem when your WiFi is working and when your WiFi is dropping out. If a light turns off or flashes red when the WiFi drops out, it is probably a problem somewhere in the modem or the modem connection. You’ll need to check your modem owner’s manual or ask the manufacturer for advice (most allow you to submit a support ticket on their website.)
  4. Check your phone line. If you have a phone line connection from your modem to the wall phone socket, you’ll need to check that the cord hasn’t been twisted, knotted or pinched in a door or cupboard. This can break the wires inside and you may need to try buying a new cord.
  5. Check the phone socket. If you have a phone line, you also need to check the socket. The plug of the phone line may be loose, or there may be built up in the socket itself. Unplug the cord, gently wipe a dry Q tip through the socket. You can also try putting a little mentholated spirits on the Q tip for a better clean.
  6. Visit your manufacturer’s website to upgrade any firmware updates that may have come out since you purchased your modem.
  7. Check Your Firewall. If you’re using Windows, go into your control panel and click the Windows Firewall icon. Depending on your version of Windows, there should be an option with wording similar to “Allow a program though Windows Firewall.” See if you are able to add your modem or modem program, or attempt turning off the firewall altogether and test your internet connection again.
  8. Turn Off Your Antivirus. Have you recently updated your antivirus? If so, it may be interfering with your internet. Test your internet connection with the antivirus off. If this fixes the problem, you’ll need to contact the antivirus company or the modem manufacturer’s for a guide on how to create an exception for your internet, or change to a different antivirus.
  9. Using PPPoE or Another Login Service. Routers timeout after five minutes and the connection is renegotiated. You can set this value higher, or set it to 0 so the router never logs out.

System Specific Fixes

Although these may are not guaranteed to work, many people have found that they solved issues with wireless internet dropping in and out, depending on the device they’re using.

WiFi Dropping Out On Vista/Windows 8

  1. Go into your control panel, click network connections, right click wireless connection and choose properties. In the “Power Management” section, untick the box that says “Allow The Computer To Turn Off This Device To Save Power.” Save.
  2. Go into your control panel, open up “Wireless Adapter Settings” then “Power Saving Mode” and check that it isn’t disconnecting your WiFi to save power.


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    • profile image

      P j Hunt 18 months ago

      my wifi on my tablet turns off at least 10 or more times a day & it's extremely frustrating ! Could it be possible the battery saver is the reason ? I'm very disgusted with the situation ! I need answers ASAP!

    • profile image

      Camessuze 2 years ago

      Why does my wifi turns on but towards the end of the day it turned off it does this every day does it have to refresh or something

    • profile image

      ????? 3 years ago

      I check the modems and power settings. Why do I still get my wifi turn off? Plus I am using window 8.1

    • radharenu profile image

      radharenu 3 years ago from India

      Great hub. A very well explained solution to intermittent Wi-fi dropping out issue. Voted up! You may take a look to this site,