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Why Electric Fuel Pumps Are Better

Updated on May 9, 2014
An example of an electric fuel pump.
An example of an electric fuel pump.

Electric Fuel Pumps vs The Manual Options

Electric and manual fuel pumps are different from one another in one main area, which is that with an electric fuel pump, you don't have to do any manual labor when you use it to fuel a car, piece of machinery, or anything else that might need fuel.

An electric fuel pump runs much like the one you would find at your local gas station. When you squeeze the fuel nozzle for fueling, the fuel starts flowing almost instantly. How is this possible you ask? Well, it's due to the fact that the electric pump gets the fuel moving without you having to do anything what's so ever. With a fuel pump of the manual variety, this isn't the case given that the manual version requires you to work and do the pumping to get the fuel moving.

A manual fuel pump installed on a gas trailer.
A manual fuel pump installed on a gas trailer.

The Argument for Why Electric Fuel Pumps are Better

There are a great many arguments for why electric fuel pumps are better than manual ones with the first being one that was already briefly touched on. That argument is that you don't have to put in any type of manual effort to get the fuel you require. This is a huge bonus since instead of wasting your energy on pumping gas, you can save it for things that are more important such as completing the projects you're working on, doing heavy lifting, and so on and so forth.

A second argument why electric fuel pumps are better than the manual ones is that they help you also save time. Despite the fact that you can pump gas manually pretty fast, you can do it even faster with the electric version. When you're able to save time by refueling faster, you again can focus on more crucial things such as operating equipment or dealing with customers.

And, the third and final argument for why electric pumps for fueling are better is how they're very easy to maintain. You simply use it to pump fuel and don't have to worry about any breakdowns and lost time to repairs.

The Pro 110 Industrial is an example of a mobile fuel trailer that has an electric fuel pump.
The Pro 110 Industrial is an example of a mobile fuel trailer that has an electric fuel pump.

Different Fuel Trailers Equipped With An Electric Fuel Pump

Gas Trailer, the industry leader in portable fuel trailer manufacturing, currently offers a few different models that come equipped with electric fueling pumps. These models would be ideal for using in a variety of settings including in an industrial environment, at a farm or other agricultural applications, in commerce, and for personal and private use as well.

For example, maybe you're a farmer and one of the problems you face is having to bring equipment back to your main farm every time it's low on fuel. So, you have to stop what you're doing, take the time to bring the equipment back, refuel, and then get back to what you're doing. Talk about wasting time, right? The thing is, if you had a mobile fuel trailer, you could bring it right to the field you're working at to get it refueled. This results in less down time and more work time.

At Gas Trailer, there are currently three different models that come equipped with an electric fuel pump. Each is well-built and include the following:

They include:

- The Contractor 110 Deluxe: As the name implies, it features a 110 fuel tank, plus, a 15 gallon per minute (GPM) fuel pump.
- The Pro 110 Industrial: Like the Contractor 110 Deluxe, this unit also has a 110 fuel storage tank, however, what makes them dissimilar is that its 15 GPM pump is aviation rated. So, it's compatible with fuels required for small air crafts.
- The Pro 110 Industrial FTS: Again like the others, this model features the 110 gallon fuel storage tank, but, unlike the others, it has a better fuel pump. The fuel pump on this model pushes 25 GPM and is aviation rated. Plus, the model itself comes with a fuel transfer system. So, if you need to transfer equipment from one piece of equipment to another or one vehicle to another, you easily can without having to siphon out the fuel yourself.

This is an example of a mobile fuel trailer that's equipped with a manual fuel pump.
This is an example of a mobile fuel trailer that's equipped with a manual fuel pump.

The Choices Available Without Electric Fuel Pumps

If you're okay with using a mobile refueling trailer that doesn't have an electric fuel pump and still want to use one with the manual version, no big deal. Manual pumps, for the most part, work just as well as the electric ones and can get the job done, with your help of course. So, if you don't mind a little manual labor, going the manual route would be a good option for you.

The manual fuel pumps installed on the fuel trailers at Gas Trailer are still dual-flow, quality built components that will flow at a half a gallon per stroke. Like with the fuel trailers that have electric pumps, we also have a couple of models with manual pumps installed on them as well. These models include:

- The Contractor 110 Manual: Has the dual flow manual pump and a 110 gallon of fuel storage tank.
- The Contractor 55 Manual: Packs the same dual flow hand pump with a 55 gallon fuel tank. Basically, it's a smaller, more compact version of the Contractor 110.
- The Traveler 20 Manual: Built with our manual pump, 20 gallon tank, and enclosed storage space. What's nice about this model is how it can be taken out on the open road.

Do Some Research

If purchasing a fuel trailer is something that you're thinking about doing, whether it's one that's equipped with an electric fuel pump or a manual one, do some research before you actually get one. You can find information online, like at Gas Trailer, through a dealer, or by simply asking your friends and family about them.

Once you've done your research and determine what portable fuel trailer would be good for you, then you can make an informed decision about the one you purchase.


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