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Why Everyone Should Learn How to Code (and How to Learn)

Updated on February 24, 2018

What is Coding?

Coding is the backbone of every computer. Every software, website, and game is created with computer code. There are dozens of different programming "languages" ranging from markup easy-to-learn languages such as HTML (web design) to very complicated, infinite languages such as C++ (used for robotics, video games, etcetera). Code basically tells the computer what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

Why Should Everyone Learn How to Code?

Programmers are in high demand

This reason is probably why most 20 to 30 year olds learn how to code. It's a good reason - programming has become so important in our lives since everything (and I mean everything) has become automated and pre-programmed. Coding is an extremely useful skill and every company - no matter its purpose - needs computer programmers.

Coding lets you boost your creativity and problem-solving skills

Imagine if you could tell a computer, a highly capable device, to do anything. You could create a game. Or an animation. Or a stunning website. Anything. Coding can help hone your creativity and lets anyone express themselves, all the while building problem-solving skills.

Programming helps in every job and helps give them a competitive edge

Whether you want to be or are a nurse, librarian, teacher, software engineer, or an architect, programming skills can help let you be more efficient in your career. It can also give you a competitive advantage in college admissions and job applications.

How Can I Learn How to Code Online?


The best way to learn how to code is to learn from those who created the programming language themselves - w3schools. This company created HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - the most widely used programming languages for web developers. This website has in-depth tutorials for every programming principle that can be applied in web development. After finishing the tutorials, you can even test your knowledge and become certified in the language of your choice.


The most wide-spread and common website for learning programming, codeacademy is fun, easy, and most importantly, free. Each lesson consists of a task and hands-on tutorial. Nearly every mainstream coding language is on this website, from Ruby on Rails for more backend programming to JavaScript and others.


This website hosts hundreds of different courses in computer science. Some cost money, but most of the beginner courses are free. Each course consists of quizzes, video tutorials, and a Q&A page.


Khan Academy is well known for teaching math, history, and science. But did you know that Khan Academy also has a computer science section? Currently, Khan Academy has Processing JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SQL tutorials. Each tutorial comes with a challenge to help hone your programming skills.


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    • profile image

      Alastair gibson 

      4 months ago

      Will one terabyte of ram memory help me have an autonomous system ?

    • Ghtr 235yi profile image


      2 years ago from Japan

      I wanna learn it! Teach me.

    • Patkay profile image

      Patrick Kamau 

      2 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Coding is Greek to me. But I wish I can get the time and courage to learn it.


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