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Why HTML is important

Updated on December 28, 2010

There are many reasons why HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is important. To fully understand why something is important we need to understand what it is and what it does. HTML is a programming language. This means that we write in HTML so the computer can understand what we want it to do. For example we use HTML to tell a computer how to make a website.

Why do we need programming languages?

The way computers are made they are only meant to understand 1s and 0s (Binary Code). When we create a document in HTML it converts our language to what the computer understands. This is essential for having a computer to carry out a specific task. Programming languages like HTML allows us to give computers exact directions and have them then be carried out by the computer.

What does HTML do?
HTML is the leading language in web design. All websites are designed with HTML, CSS, and PHP. Many of the websites today are made with just HTML because it is the basic component of the internet. Even the page you are reading right now is made with HTML. Without HTML all of the websites on the internet would have been impossible. Many websites have additional programming code languages like Facebook, YouTube, and Helium but they all have the key component of HTML.

Why do we need HTML?
HTML was made to allow people to design websites on the internet. If we did not have HTML we would not have the internet. All of the tasks in the world that revolve around the internet would not exist. If we lived in a world without internet communication would be dramatically affected. All of the information we access on a daily basis would have to be found in other places which would be much harder.

Other than a global scale it makes use on a personal note. HTML is the basic foundation of programming. It is the simplest way to learn the concepts of how to write code. Every language is different but the more programming concept you know the easier it is to learn new languages. It is a lot easier to learn a language like C, or C++ after learning the basic languages. This technique is a lot better than just jumping into a complex language right off the bat.

All programming languages are useful. HTML is essential because of its web based application. HTML also helps introduce beginners to the programming world. This helps people from taking too large of a first step then quitting. HTML has many applications and uses which makes it a very important programming language in our world.


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