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Why I Love the Kindle Fire HD

Updated on May 16, 2013


Last year my husband bought me a Kindle Fire for my birthday and I instantly fell in love with it… I loved being able to do just about everything on it that I could do on my computer - I listened to music on it, went on Facebook, worked on research for some of the freelance articles I wrote, and also downloaded TONS of books, most of them for free. I couldn't imagine how Amazon could improve on it, until they came out with the Kindle Fire HD.

The first time I really started taking a look at it was when one of my co-workers got it as a birthday present, and told me it was a lot better than the Kindle Fire. So I started looking into it, and found out it has a lot of features that the Kindle Fire doesn't have that add more functionality to it, and also make it easier to use. My husband got me the Kindle Fire HD this year for my birthday, and it definitely lives up to what my co-worker told me about it and the reviews I've read about it. This article will provide more details about the features of the Kindle Fire HD that make it better than the Kindle Fire.

High Definition

As its name implies, the Kindle Fire HD is high definition - though the graphics on the Kindle Fire were good, because the Kindle Fire HD is high definition, the graphics are even better.

Front-Facing Camera

When I started looking into the Kindle Fire in 2012, I compared it against the Ipad, and one feature that I found the Kindle Fire lacked that the Ipad does have is a camera. This wasn't a major problem for me though, because I have a phone that has a camera, and I also have a separate digital camera. However, the Kindle Fire HD does have a front-facing camera, which is great for making video calls with Skype, which is pre-loaded on the Kindle Fire HD.


As I previously mentioned, one of the apps that comes pre-loaded on the Kindle Fire HD is Skype, which is an IM program where you can talk to people via text Ims, voice calls or video calls for free. You can also use Skype to call landlines, however that feature does cost money. I've talked to a few people via Skype video chat since I got my Kindle Fire HD, and it works pretty good, though the graphics quality can vary depending on what type of connection you and the person you're talking to have - if or the person you're talking to have a wireless connection, the graphics may not be as good. Still, it is a great way to talk to people that live far away without spending any money.


This feature, which is found on several touch-screen devices, allows you to type words by swiping your finger or stylus over the letters. It takes a little getting used to, but once you figure it out you'll be able to type faster and more accurately.


Unlike the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD is bluetooth-compatible. You can link a bluetooth device, such as headphones or a keyboard to it and use it wirelessly, and there are several bluetooth devices available on Amazon as well as elsewhere on the Web that will work with the Kindle Fire HD.

Whispersync for Voice

One feature that the Kindle Fire HD has that could be great especially for children, is Whispersync for Voice. This feature allows you to not only read but also hear some audiobooks when you download the audio version of the book as well. You can start the audio when you start reading the book, and you'll see the text highlight as the audio progresses. Prices for the audio tracks vary - some are free, others cost a little to download - between 49 and 99 cents. Most of the books that have the Whispersync for voice feature are classics, like Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, and Call of the Wild by Jack London, among others - however some of the newer books, like Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin are also available with Whispersync for voice.

Learns Your Reading Speed

The Kindle Fire HD can also figure out approximately how long it will take you to finish a chapter or a book based on your reading speed. I have not had the chance yet to see if the estimates are accurate though, because I rarely have the time to sit down and read a whole book. One of these times I am going to have to time myself to see if the estimates are accurate.

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