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Why I don't like your blog

Updated on August 15, 2012

I have been blogging for about 8 months. In this short period, I had to take help from different blogs. I have learnt a lot of things and tried to follow the advices from different reputed blogs. Sometimes implementation of these advices brought me fruitful results and sometimes not. But I was always passionate about blogging and always tried to follow other blogs which have higher page ranks and visitors. I think search engines are not fools and that’s why they rank the pages according to the quality of the blog’s content (most of the cases). In my short blogging career I came across different blogs. Some of them were really cool. Some of them were really trash. I think I have obtained minimum knowledge about a blogs reputation. That’s why I can differentiate between the good and bad blogs. We always talk about the cool and nice information of the various blogs. But in this article I will discuss the things that I don’t like in a blog. A lot of blogs have thousands of unique visitors. And many bloggers are waiting for their blogs to become popular. Some of them will succeed and some of them will be looser. If people hate your blog, you will not get any visitor or appreciation.

People love those blogs which fulfill their expectations. If your blog is full of bullshits then you can’t expect any good result. You can ask a question to yourself – What I actually want from a blog? If the blog is not offering any benefit to me, will I go back to this blog? The answer is a no. That’s why people kick the blogs that are useless and never come back.

Why I dislike your blog?

There are several reasons that lead a blog to become trash. Some very important issues are related to the reputation of the blog. Why you are not a successful blogger? And why I hate your blog? I will try to answer these questions.

When people start to dislike your blog you will lose your important visitors. If people start to hate a blog, they will never pay a visit to it. Here are some reasons which may be responsible for your blogs deterioration.

You don’t maintain a schedule

Blog is not like static sites. Reader of your blog wants some update in regular basis. If you are irregular in producing new contents you will lose your popularity. Marinating a schedule is a must for every blogger. People are expecting new posts from you but every time they visit your blog they become disappointed. After sometimes they will not like your blog but they will hate the blog. Publishing 4 articles in one day and then going to hibernation will not do for you. You have to be regular in making contents. Be time honored and post fresh contents.

Your blog produces large articles with unwanted things

These days, people don’t have time to read this entire dump. They want ‘to the point solution’. If you are trying to make your article thick by that garbage then you cannot expect the success. If it is mandatory to create a large post then optimize it for the benefit of the readers. Use pictures, important links and useful videos. Make points for getting the attention of your readers. In every specific point, try to give a good solution. Always keep the content relevant to its title. Increase the value of your post by making it appropriate.

Your blog’s design is not up to the mark

Do you want your visitors to escape from your blog by seeing the layout? If the layout of your blog is not relevant it will drive your traffic away. The blog layout and design presents the creative mind of the blogger. If you are using bad color combination and making it irritating for the people- why they will come back to your blog? Be smart in choosing your blogs design.

You are doing too much advertisement

You add different advertisements for your blog to get some profit. But too much ads can make it a dead loss. Commercial displays are necessary but too much of it will ruin your blog for sure. The blogs which are jam packed with ads are really irritating. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between blog post and advertisements! So don’t do these types of silly mistakes. The more irritating ads are the pop ups. I will suggest not to use this annoying ads.

You don’t think as a reader

People hate your blog because you don’t write for them. Try to think as a reader. You don’t have any opportunity to discriminate between blogger and reader. Both of them are the life of a blog. They can’t go without each other. So if you don’t give advantageous service to your readers they will choose a different path (a different blog actually).

Try to respect your readers

Be generous with the people. Supply all the important information with great care. You don’t have to do much, just keep a good and healthy relation with your readers. If you have problems with your readers then your blog will go to ashtray. Don’t be rude and show a friendly attitude.

You are not passionate

Blogging should be done for the pleasure of the mind. You have to be passionate about writing and learning new things. Always try to be a learner. Learn and write about the new things. If you learn and write you will definitely earn.

You copy paste and re-write

Do you really do these things? Then you should be abashed. These types of articles will bring some temporary success but in the long run you will not get any visitors as Search Engines like Google will start to hate you. Bloggers will also report your site as you are stealing contents from them.

I think you have understood why people hate your blog. So don’t be a fool. Try to act according to the points I have mentioned. These are written from my little personal experience. If you have more knowledge please share with us.


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