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Why I Love To Blog

Updated on April 2, 2011
onaolapo1 profile image

Onaolapo is a spiritual enthusiast born with special celestial communication and abilities. He loves paranormal events.

Blogging should be natural

Blogging should be natural. If you come into blogging because you specifically want to make money and nothing more, you are in the wrong business. Blogging should be something that comes to you naturally, and not by force. I started blogging because of my love of telling stories and also because of the experience of my job. There are so many things that you see that really surprises you, some are new tricks and some are as old as Methuselah.

I write about everything to anything. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and ask myself, are you awake? can you type something, and if I can answer myself, then it's time to jump on my computer and start blogging. I would blog about what happened at work a day earlier ...the good ones :0 and not the bad ones. I would blog about my environment and what I saw and I know would be of great use to people online. I would blog about my hesitations towards things just to find someone out there who is going through the same thing and wants to share and or connect.

Again, blogging should be natural. If anybody have problem blogging, I have a very simple advice for that person, go out and buy a recording device. Any recording device will do just fine, including a recoding cell phone.

Step 1: Start off with your name: "Hi everybody, my name is Dan and I love to blog"
Step 2: Write a catching heading, like "Why Blogging is bad for you?"

Step 3: Now follow your catchy headline with your main message, write something like "Blogging is bad for you if you don't know how to express yourself, why? Because it will only make you more nervous, and you can develop a heart attack from the nervousness, and possibly pass out."

Step 4: Give Solutions to the problem you just stated. Solution like "To get over your fear of blogging; make it your duty to visit forum and chat rooms with other online users daily, or maybe weekly. Build your social confidence". Whatever you do, be consistent with it.

Step 5: As with every formal or informal letter writing, or composition, or comprehension that has a beginning, it must always have an end. Finish your article with a warm conclusion; something like "I hope you have gained something from my experience as a blogger; till next time; it's Ario's amigos", or maybe "Odabo", which is talk to you soon in my native language.

As you can see from what I briefly laid out above, the strongest weapon anyone can posses is the power of composition. The power to control the crowd, the power to be a good orator,and most especially the power to have faith in yourself.

In summary, every blog must have a headline, a body - which contains the message, and your conclusion, and of course your signature when you sign out (Optional)

Although, it's not every time that I feel like writing but most times, 80% of the time, I just want to write, as I am typing/writing now. That being said, it's 20:00 right now, I'd like to go check on my kids to be sure they are all in bed. I suggest you do the same.

Till I hear from you guys, it's bye for now.

As usual
Your Friend
Prince Engr. Onaolapo Adeyemi.


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  • onaolapo1 profile image

    Onaolapo Adeyemi 6 years ago from USA

    Thanks Jill

    I really appreciate your contribution. I like to communicate through blogging. That seems to be the only thing that makes me relax. Blogging should be natural. Once again, thanks for your contribution.

  • jill of alltrades profile image

    jill of alltrades 6 years ago from Philippines

    I wholeheartedly agree! Blogging should be something you love to do.

    Good hub!

  • onaolapo1 profile image

    Onaolapo Adeyemi 6 years ago from USA

    Thanks Brother. Always nice to hear from you.


    - Prince

  • Harlan Colt profile image

    Harlan Colt 6 years ago from the Rocky Mountains


    I agree, blogging is a passion for writing. It is not about making money. Put the passion first, maybe some money will come too, but do it for the passion first.

    Awesome hub this one my friend!

    - Harlan