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How to connect your Kindle Fire HD to your TV

Updated on April 23, 2013

With the new Kindle Fire HD, one of the basic ways to connect your tablet to your TV is by making use of the HDMI port it comes with. If your KFHD and TV both have a hdmi port, then you can display your KFHD screen to your tv just by making use of a suitable HDMI cable.

In the case of the Kindle Fire which comes with a micro-HDMI port, you'd need to make use of a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable to connect it's video output to your tv screen.

A HDMI cable is the single solution to connecting your Kindle visual output to your tv and it works like magic. For those unfamiliar with HDMI, this simply means High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI refers to an interface that allows for the transfer of audio/video from a HDMI capable device to a compatible digital device. A micro HDMI to HDMI cable connects a micro-HDMI port from one device to a HDMI port of a second device so that data may be made transferrable.

One end of your HDMI cable connects to the micro HDMI port on your Kindle while the other end connects to HDMI port on your hdtv and with that, whatever displays on your Kindle's screen would also display on your TV screen. It is that easy.

Once you get a HDMI cable that can connect your Kindle to your tv, the only other thing you'd need is to use your Kindle to open files you want to view on your tv such as videos, pictures and music. The basic things that would be displayed on your tv are the same things that are already displayed on your Kindle Fire HD.

You could decide to play movies stored locally on your Kindle device and then watch them if full HD on your TV screen and I'm betting you'd loce the experience. As long as the files can play on your Kindle, it would also play on your big tv screen whic hhas a HDMI port input

Streaming YouTube to your Kindle can be exciting, most especially when you are using a fast unlimited data internet service but streaming to your TV which has an even wider screen is even more exciting. All you need do is open up Youtube on Your Kindle by using the YouTube app, Silk brower or Chrome browser for android and you'd be able to choose from over a million YouTube videos.


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