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Why I'm leaving Vodafone (and will never go back)

Updated on November 6, 2016

I can no longer access my online account (and Vodaphone can't tell me why)

For some months now I have been unable to log into my online account. Vodafone don't know why and they don't know how to fix it.

I've tried resetting my details so many times I've lost count. Vodafone have tried themselves and can't get into it. They've told me twice now that it will be referred to a "higher level technical team" but I never hear from them.

Due to being unable to log into my account I can no longer view my bill so I have no way of knowing if they are charging me correctly. Every time I call up and try to explain this they just send me back into a loop of trying to reset my online password, so as of today I have no idea if I am even being charged the correct amount of money every month.

When I called up 5 days later for an update on what the "higher level team" (they call them 'Super Users') had done about my problem, they had no record. Apparently, my complaint hadn't been recorded and my online account had been "completely wiped".

The message I repeatedly get after Vodafone delted my account for some unknown reason
The message I repeatedly get after Vodafone delted my account for some unknown reason

Sure Signal: Vodafone disabled it for no good reason

It's no secret that where I live there are terrible problems with mobile phone signal on all networks. However, I chose Vodafone because they offered a product called "Sure Signal" - a small device which you connect to your home broadband and which gives you full phone coverage in your home by sending the signal through the internet.

When I received my phone I bought a second hand Sure Signal on Ebay, registered it (and my neighbour) and had been happily using it for 18 months, until it recently stopped working. When I called Vodafone, they told me it was disabled because I don't actually own it. Not true! I protested but they've told me that unless I go into a Vodafone store with it they won't release control of it back to me. Totally disgusting as I legally own it and basically calling me a thief!

Charging me postage on a new SIM card (which they told me would be completely free as it was a fault at their end)

Do to being unable to use my Sure Signal, I experienced very poor mobile signal. Impossible to make calls, and with SMS messages sometimes taking hours to come through, I called Vodafone to ask if there was anything I could do.

I new SIM card was suggested mine was apparently and old version. I was assured there would be no charge. 3 days later it arrived and in the invoice stated £0.00. However, I was disgusted to find that another invoice followed 2 days later for postage of £2.49!

They have made it almost impossible for me to leave

Because I don't get any mobile phone signal at home or work, I can't call Vodafone and because they won't fix the problem with me accessing my online account I can't log in to the website to find out when I can leave or even view my most recent bill.

So, I tend to use there online chat support. It's slow, but it does (usually) work. Until today when an operative refused to discuss my online account because I could confirm all my personal details except my bank sort code (which I have at home). Vodafone were blatantly using the Data Protection Act to provent me getting the information I required. Here's a copy of the call transcript:

Neil K: Hi, you're talking to Neil in Vodafone's Upgrades and Disconnections Department. How are you today Ritchie? I can help you with your query :-)

Ritchie Hicks: Hello. What date does my contract expire and what is the earliest date I can give notice that I do not wish to continue my contact with Vodafone.

Neil K: I can look at this for you Ritchie.

Neil K: Before I help you with your query, I must ask you a few security questions so that I may access your account securely, is that okay?

Ritchie Hicks: Yes that' fine

Neil K: Thanks Ritchie.

Neil K: Can you please confirm for me the first line of your address, your postcode and date of birth?

Ritchie Hicks: 2 -------- ----, C-----, --/--/--

Neil K: Thanks again.

Neil K: And can you please confirm the amount of lines you hold with Vodafone on this account and their numbers?

Ritchie Hicks: 1 line

Ritchie Hicks: 078--------

Neil K: Thanks Ritchie.

Neil K: And finally can you please confirm your sort code? That should be us done with security :-)

Ritchie Hicks: Sorry, no. I dont have it.

Neil K: That's okay, I can ask another question.

Neil K: Can you please let me know the monthly line rental for the line ending 614?
Ritchie Hicks: £25

Neil K: Thank you, I'll just confirm these details on our systems.

Neil K: While I do that, can I ask what has changed recently to make you consider leaving Vodafone? Is it an issue with price or service? We're very sorry to hear that you're thinking of leaving us.

Ritchie Hicks: It's service.

Neil K: Sorry to hear that! Do you mean the customer service, or perhaps signal issues?

Ritchie Hicks: Both.

Neil K: Sorry Ritchie, I need to ask another question here - can you tell me the date of your last upgrade?

Neil K: Doubly sorry to hear that, as we pride ourselves on great customer service, and a solid connection for our customers.

Ritchie Hicks: I've never upgraded before

Neil K: Ah okay, then can you tell me the date you took the line out, or the date you last contacted Vodafone please?

Ritchie Hicks: September 2013 and Sunday

Neil K: Can you give me the date in September please Ritchie?

Neil K: Or might you have your bank card at hand to provide your sort code?

Ritchie Hicks: No with me, no.

Ritchie Hicks: *not

Ritchie Hicks: But I have answered everything else.

Neil K: Sure, but to make major changes to accounts, we need a certain number of questions answered, and we're one short at the minute. Do you want to check your MyVodafone account perhaps?

Ritchie Hicks: I can't log in to it. That's one of the problems. I'm not asking to make any changes at this point - I'm just asking you when I get give you noticed that I don't wan't to renew my contract.

Neil K: I understand, let me just check if I can provide that info with the answers you've given so far.

Ritchie Hicks: OK

Neil K: Thanks for bearing with me Ritchie, I'm afraid I can't access the account at all without the required information. I do have a suggestion though.

Neil K: If you want to give our phone colleagues a call on 191, they should be able to help you, and reset your online account details for you as well. Really sorry about this inconvenience, and that I can't be of more assistance to you here.

Ritchie Hicks: I would love to call them, but that's not possible because I can't get any signal. Another complete waste of time spent with Vodafone.


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