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Why Is Ubuntu Better Than Windows or Mac?

Updated on January 8, 2014
Ubuntu Logo
Ubuntu Logo

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A Brief Overview

Ubuntu, is definitely not one of the common 'amateur' operating systems. In my perspective, in terms of flexibility, speed, easiness and the support offered by the Ubuntu community in case of any problem, Ubuntu is far better than Windows of Mac, and I trust I so much, that instead of dual boot, I have uninstalled Windows 7 and installed Ubuntu 13.04. To further strengthen my given point, I have written some arguments below.

1. It's Absolutely FREE!!

While you need to spend nearly hundreds of dollars to buy a genuine copy of Windows or Mac, you can buy Ubuntu absolutely free. Yes, that is hundred percent reality, you read it right. Moreover, it can be downloaded online, from Ubuntu's official website. Even the updates are free and pretty easy to install. One more interesting thing is that previous versions can also be downloaded and installed, if one wishes to do so.

Ubuntu can be downloaded for free from its webstie.
Ubuntu can be downloaded for free from its webstie.

2. Easy Installation

Yes, its installation is darn too easy to grasp. Just download it, and make a boot CD or a boot USB using the instructions given in the site itself. Every step and instruction is explained briefly. If one wants both windows/mac and Ubuntu on his/her laptop or computer, even can even try dual boot, which enables a user to use two or more operating systems in the same computer.

3. You Can Experience It Without Even Installing It!!

Once you boot the installation CD or USB, there is an option called 'try it', which enables you to experience Ubuntu and use it for some time 'virtually', i.e. use it without actually installing it. This benefits you as it would consume a lot of time to uninstall any operating system afterwards if you don't like it. But by using the 'try it' option, you can quit the session and then choose whether to install it or not.

The 'Try Ubuntu' option can be seen in the image.
The 'Try Ubuntu' option can be seen in the image.

4. It's Virus FREEE!!

You may giggle at me on reading this, but it is true indeed. Yes, it is virus free, and with Ubuntu, you computer gets rid of malware,spyware, trogans and worms. Even antivirus isn't needed. But what is the reason behind this? Viruses are not made for Ubuntu, and even if one tries to make one, it is extremely difficult feat for the virus to break into Ubuntu's main root, because it is the only way that a malware can create a havoc akin to Windows. Moreover, the spywares and trogans made for Windows fail to make an impact in Ubuntu OS. So your computer is, guess what, Virus proof!

5. It Comes Pre-installed with all the Drivers Needed

Whenever we install an operating system on our own, maybe due to attack of virus in the first version, we experience a lot of difficulties in finding the 'out of the package' drivers and softwares like Realtek audio driver, Microsoft office, internet driver, graphic card driver and adobe reader, so that the computer can function properly. This creates a lot of mess and is pretty frustrating. Well, on the contrary, whenever one installs Ubuntu, one will always find all the necessary drivers, like audio driver and libre office, pre-installed. This surely saves a lot of time and helps us escape the mess of windows or mac.

6. It Offers a Large Range of Games and Softwares

Yes, Ubuntu offers you a very wide range of apps, softwares and games for anyone to download, and most of them are free. You also do not have to search on Google to find the software you want. All of the valid softwares and available in Ub untu Software Centre, which comes pre-installed in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Software Center
Ubuntu Software Center

7. You can Run Windows Softwares on Ubuntu

Even if Ubuntu has many different apps to offer, it cannot match the variety and number of softwares that Windows offer. However, through Wine, a Ubuntu software, you can run and install any windows software in Ubuntu. Be it a game, like Assassin’s Creed, or a media player like GOM or VLC Player, and even Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office, Wine can run and access any windows software. So, you can access both Ubuntu and Windows softwares, in Ubuntu itself.

Microsoft Word in Ubuntu
Microsoft Word in Ubuntu

8. It is Very Easy to Work with, and Hack

It is darn too easy. First of all, everything can be accessed through the sidebar, and even if you are not able to find a thing or an app, you can always search it up in the search bar in the dash home, by clicking the top-left icon in the sidebar.

And yes, hacking is easier than never before, but only for the computer's user, as it is extremely difficult to hack Ubuntu through internet. You can alter Ubuntu's desktop configuration, its background settings, and make it look and work the way you want, by typing commands in the Terminal, which is way too easy than doing the same in Windows Command Prompt.

Ubuntu Terminal
Ubuntu Terminal

9. It's Open Source and Community Driven

Open source means that its source code is available online to everyone and anyone can contribute if they know what they are doing. This means hardware manufacturers can put in their drivers and hackers can share their cool hacks. The developers listen to the users and do their best to cater to their needs. Users can discuss issues and get help when needed in the online forums which cover a broad variety of topics from technical issues to beginner mistakes. Hence, rather than going to a Ubuntu expert personally and acquiring help, one can straight away search for the solution in the Ubuntu Community.

10. It is very, very Fast

Its boot time, even in a laptop with 2 GB RAM, is only 3 to 5 seconds, which is very fast. Ubuntu, when booted, runs faster than Windows, because unlike Windows, it does not index things, move objects from one place to another and perform multiple tasks, which we are unaware of, and which does not benefit us. More of your computer's power is used in performing what the user wants to do, not in what the computer wants to do.

11. It Looks Nice

Yes, coming to Ubuntu's looks, it looks fairly nice, as you can see in the images. It displays a desktop with simple sidebar, through which everything can be used. You can change the background and all simply by going to the appearance settings in the settings menu given in the sidebar.

12. You can make Ubuntu look like Mac

You would agree with me that Mac OS looks more attractive and beautiful than WIndows and Ubuntu. But what if Ubuntu can be transformed to look almost akin to Mac. Though a detailed guide given in the Ubuntu Community, one can make it possible by typing certain commands in the terminal and downloading certain softwares.

Doesn't Windows look like Mac here?
Doesn't Windows look like Mac here?


All in all, windows softwares, look of Mac and easy operation, is all made possible in Ubuntu, which according to me, is the best operating system till date.

After reading this hub. would you switch to Ubuntu?

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      I'm glad to hear there is some competition in the market.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      but wat abt gaming?

    • Abhinav Narang profile imageAUTHOR

      Abhinav Narang 

      4 years ago from Amritsar, Punjab, India

      Thanks for your comment, Merlin. Glad you liked it!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Switching to Ubuntu right away. The article is very nice. Thanks.

    • Abhinav Narang profile imageAUTHOR

      Abhinav Narang 

      4 years ago from Amritsar, Punjab, India

      Thanks for your comment, duke. Really, Ubuntu is a way better option than Windows.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      really, ubuntu does seem to be better than windows. switching to ubuntu rightaway. anyway, a very nice article.


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