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Why Kindle is the Best eReader

Updated on May 10, 2011

Reading has always been one thing that lots of people are fond of doing. By reading, people will always get updated on the latest information and information is a key element in today's information technology era. Fortunately, reading has become a lot easier and practical to do these days than the old times thanks to the presence of eReader devices, one of which is the worthy Amazon Kindle that turns out to be the best eReader.

But why is Kindle the best eReader? Well, to begin with, not only is the Kindle capable of allowing its users to read common eBooks but it is also capable of allowing its users to read iPad books on it. This is something that other eBook readers cannot offer. Of course, the good news does not stop there.

Kindle is a very convenient device to use considering its capability of storing not only hundreds but thousands of eBooks in it. This allows Kindle users to have various kinds of books stored in a single place, saving the needs of purchasing additional devices that may be necessary for other eBook readers.

Today's Kindle even comes manufactured with an e-ink screen to accommodate better visual making it the best Kindle in existence today. The contrast it has is fifty percent better compared to other eReader devices available today. The dimension of the device is also quite small while maintaining an adequately large reading area measuring6 inches. Also, to make it easier for the users to go mobile with it, the total weight of a Kindle is only8.5 ounces.

Another thing that is crucial about an eReader device is the battery life. Fortunately, today's best Kindle has one full month of battery life to put the mind of its users at ease. It is also offered for sale with an option for graphite color along with Wi-Fi connectivity.

One thing that emphasizes Kindle is the best eReader even more is the fact that is often concluded by Kindle reviews available. When compared with other eReader devices that use LCD screens under the bright sunlight, Kindle is far more readable since it produces no glare. This is one thing that has always been the problem of LCD screens for all these times and Kindle answers satisfactorily with its e-ink screen. You can get one of the most current version of the Amazon Kindle eReaders here.


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