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Why Magento Is Ideal Platform For Custom Development

Updated on December 25, 2015

The e-commerce revolution has always been active and growing rapidly since past few years. No doubt, Magento has taken it to an entire new level. This robust software has gained popularity for its dynamic features and extensive capabilities. Magento has achieved greater respect in the developers’ community as it offers enormous benefits and makes it easy for them to focus on the other aspects of the e-commerce portal that they are developing. With regular updates, things are balanced for greater heights.

Magento customization features are different from the typical e-commerce solutions and allow you to build the most suitable configuration that ensures better user experience. This open source software simplifies the tasks of website administrators by assisting them to generate the idea about the products & services that can produce maximum interest among the people. This further helps them channelize more resources on that specific service.

What Makes Magento The Best Choice For Customization

Fully Open-source

Being an open source e-commerce platform, Magento allows the programmers to access every line of code to view exactly how it works. This opens up the world of possibilities for customization, enabling you to entirely modify Magento CMS according to your unique requirements. Magento can be easily customized to match the specific business requirements, even you can make changes in the selected product and enhance your product cart.

Multi-store Capabilities

With a single database & single installation, Magento allows you to establish multiple storefronts. This enables you to own a store for each and every country you operate in, with that currency. Even, it is possible to restrict certain products or services to the distinct countries, have distinct pricing per country as well as establish different promotions for each one. Amazingly, Magento can redirect the visitors to the respective country’s store automatically, whenever someone visits your store. This functionality works well in case, you want to establish an online wholesale store in addition to the retail operations.

Useful Extensions

Magento offers thousands of free and paid plug-ins that help extent the functionality of your online e-commerce store. There is a great community of developers, which always comes up with the new ways to boost the functionality of Magento. A few examples of Magento extensions are Quickbooks integration, Multi-Warehouse inventory management, shipping price calculators for Canada Post, Fedex, UPS and others.

Customer Service Tools

Customer service is one of the crucial aspects that requires special attention, while running an e-commerce store. Since, it is impossible to have face-to-face interaction with the diverse customers, you need to set up seamless communication channels for email or phone for proper interaction. Magento offers an incredible feature that allows you to identify various things, providing a great up-sell opportunity, when a call lands in the sales centre. Whenever a customer calls at your sales centre, you can easily identify that who they are, what they have in their cart at the same moment, even you can see the products or services viewed by them either currently or ten days ago.


Magento software works fine with mobile devices, whether it is through mobile browser or an application built with their in-store mobile application maker. Through the Magento admin interface, you can easily develop a customized iOS or Android app quickly and can be downloaded to place the orders in an efficient manner.


The customers are often concerned about the fact that whether their passwords and card numbers are getting intercepted. Therefore, security is a critical feature that requires utmost care. Magento utilizes SSL empowered encryption technique that ensures highest security of transactions. Also, it allows you to make various updates any time. The shopping carts are available in different types & sizes, enabling you to manage your single offering in multiple stores.


Thus, this reliable platform includes several useful features, like user login, secured payment gateways, excellent shopping cart and even more. Users can simply browse the products & services and further compare them online without any obstacles.


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