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Why I register my domain at Namesilo?

Updated on October 10, 2014

Why I register my domain at Namesilo?

I have been looking for information about domain registrars for quite a long time before I finally bought my domain name at I have met websites and reviews of popular registrar like goDaddy, maddogdomains, namecheap, 1and1, yoursdomain, dynadot, yahoo, network solutions, whois, among others. I have been comparing prices, with and without promotions and I have been comparing additional services provided whether for free or against additional fees. I could also have bought the domain from my webhost provider, weebly, which so far has been the best and most affordable hosting service I met.

Finally, I selected namesilo for various reasons. I will list these reasons for you below so that it may help those who would like to buy their own domain name.

Please note that all pricing comparisons below will be for .com domains only.

1. Pricing

Namesilo is among the most competitive registrars with regard to pricing.

The first thing I did when I decide to switch from my weebly sub-domain to my own domain name was comparing prices offered by weebly with other registrars. Unfortunately, unlike its hosting plans, weebly’s domain price was not among the most affordable. While maddogdomains offers a very competitive price at $8.39 for first year and $8.49 for subsequent years, private registration amounts to $9.49 a year. Combining both almost doubles the price ($17.88 first year and $17.98 second year) as compared to what is offered by namesilo which is $8.99 per year for all years together with free private registration. As for dynadot, yahoo and namecheap and others, though promotional prices for registration may at times be lower than the normal namesilo price, it costs more when you finally add the extra like private registration.

Namesilo also offers domain transfers at only $8.39 for .com domains, still with all the free extras including free private registration.

2. Coupon codes

It should be noted that namesilo does not have frequent promotional campaigns. Instead, there are coupon codes that allow users to have a discount on the total bill. For instance, using coupon codes like mysilo22 or hbpsilo25 allows a discount of $1 on the total amount payable. I registered my domain name for 2 years at an annual price of $8.99 (therefore a total of $17.98). Upon using a $1 discount coupon code I ended up paying $16.98 for the 2 years registration with free private registration.

3. Free private registration

Precisely, we were talking about it under pricing. Now, it is true that private registration is only an option which you can easily refuse. However, registering a domain name without private registration implies that any person who performs a whois search of your domain name will see your name, the name of your organisation, your address, your phone numbers and email addresses. This means anyone doing the whois search will be able to contact you, harass you, spam your mailbox and even scam you.

Finally, most website owners would agree that private registration, though optional, becomes more and more an important feature in domain registration.

While 1and1 and yoursdomain also offer free private registration, their annual registration price slightly exceed that of namesilo. 1and1 offers .com domains at $14.99 a year. Promotional price of $7.99 for first year and therefore $14.99 for remaining years. Yoursdomain offers annual .com registration at $9.89, which is only $0.90 more than namesilo. Taking into consideration that yoursdomain offers 2 free personalised email accounts such as as well as free mails forwards, it stands as a serious competitor to namesilo. It is even a better choice than namesilo if you need the email features.

4. Easy

Registration of domain names with namesilo is really very easy.

The most interesting feature remains it easy integration with many webhosting platforms and similar services. In fact, namesilo has preconfigured DNS templates that allow easy and rapid integration with many webhosts.

Preconfigured DNS templates are available for the following platforms:

Blogger, Google Apps, Behance, Bitly, Cargo,, GitHub, site44, SmugMug, Squarespace, Tumblr, Unbounce, Virb, Weebly, Yola and Zenfolio.

As in my case for my weebly website, had I registered with another domain registrar, I would have had to send emails to the registrar giving them information about nameservers and so on. In addition, I would have had to wait up to 48 hours for my domain name point to my website. With namesilo preconfigured DNS templates, it worked instantly.

5. Free Email Forwards

This is a new feature added in April 2014. Considered as the only weakness of NameSilo, email forwards has been an important feature that domain names owners like. People addresses you as

In an email sent to its users and on its facebook page on 3 April 2014, NameSilo announced this feature. On top of that, this feature is free for all.

Namesilo allows up to 100 mail forwards. Means you can create forwarding email addresses like,,, etc up to 100 such addresses.

For each email forward, NameSilo allows upto 5 email addresses.

It also provides a Catch-all email forward service. This would collect all emails sent to all email addresses with your domain name for which you do not have a forward.

6. Excellent Customer Service

The NameSilo team is always prompt in attending to it customers. Every time I had a problem, they acted promptly. This happened to me on several occasions.

My last experience was today few minutes before writing this update. I sent an email to enquire more about the email forwards. In less than 10 minutes, I got the answer in my mailbox. A team member called Eric responded to my email with all the necessary information I asked. Really impressive.

How do you rate Namesilo as a Domain Registrar?

4.3 out of 5 stars from 13 ratings of Namesilo as a Domain Registrar


I would say despite the features mentioned above, namesilo still had it weakness. Its weakness, to my opinion, was the absence of personalised email accounts such as However, this was not be an essential feature for many as most of us already use free email services like gmail, yahoo and livemail.

After asking for some information concerning email accounts from namesilo, they suggested I look with outlook which provides free email accounts like for free. You get up to 50 email accounts for each domain name you own. I have tried and it is really easy. So, this overcomes the problem of free email accounts.


Since 3 April 2014, NameSilo overcame this weakness and announces its free email forwards. I added point 5 above to explain it.


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    • profile image

      Margie 3 years ago

      The accident of finding this post has brenhtiged my day

    • profile image

      Alejandro 3 years ago

      Another plus for namesilo is that they offer 2-factor authentication

    • nayaz1625 profile image

      nayaz1625 3 years ago

      Hello sam wang,

      Thank you for your sharing your experiences. As you rightly pointed out, one of the major strengths of namesilo is its free lifetime private registration. We really save a lot. Others may seem more competitive price at first glance, but when you look at renewal price and / or when you add private registration, namesilo remains the best.

    • profile image

      sam wang 3 years ago

      Yes, I registered a lot of domains at namesilo, I like namesilo, I registered at namesilo, because free private registration, it will cost me 8 dollars at godaddy.

      But it is free at namesilo, private registration is free lifetime, I like it.