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Why Nokia 3310 is still more popular than the iPhone

Updated on February 22, 2017

iPhone for everyone

Perhaps today's most popular smart phone is the iPhone. Every year Apple breaks his own record for sales with the launch of each new model. In the last quarter of 2016 the Corporation of Cupertino sold almost 80 million different variations of the iPhone.


Nokia 3310 - one of the top models in the world

However, neither the iPhone, nor any other modern mobile phone can even come close to the performance of the legendary Nokia 3310 - one of the top models in the world whose return lies ahead.

Nokia 3310 was released in year 2000 and quickly became one of the most successful devices in the world of mobile phones. The device probably would be untouchable if its production was not stopped.

Nokia 3310 sales reached 126 million. If we compare it with the popular iPhone will see that its sales were "only" 65 million.

Why this Finnish device is so popular?

Web portal NewAtlas published interesting material "What has the Nokia 3310, that all new smart phones haven`t ?"

The main advantage of the Nokia 3310 is considered his durability. Despite iPhone, being quite durable and waterproof, it is still dangerous to be worn without case cover.

Another great feature of the Nokia 3310, which was loved among every consumer, was the 900 mAh which gives the phone 10 days work per charge. The device is not designed for the Internet, does not have huge and bright display and easily lasts a week of intensive use.

Also memorable was the built in game "greedy snake" loud ringtones and vibrations.

Last week HMD Global announced that during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 27 to March 2) will present the new version of Nokia 3310, which will cost 59 dollars.


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