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Why Oracle Database is best choice

Updated on October 30, 2014

Why Oracle?

“Why Oracle?” this question is frequently asked. And answer to this may lie in the what an organization need the best from database management system. Even though there are many more database management systems then how come Oracle database administration is the only one that can accommodate each and every need? There are many features that we find in other databases too, which oracle offers, so where the difference does lies? And how can we say that Oracle database administration is primary requirement for every company?

Oracle has wide range of products: business-intelligence, business applications, Virtual Box and so on. But Oracle's primary expertise is in database products. Oracle database have pursuit of features that not only provide best performance for database, security for data in databases, good database administration but also many that are related with database like storage cost, redundant service for high-availability etc. some of the highlighted features include :

  1. Most efficient use of IT budget ie organizations need not worry of hardware cost much and can invest in core business.
  2. Reduces Server cost.
  3. Reduces Storage cost.
  4. Eliminate idle redundancy in data centers.
  5. Improve System Performance.
  6. Increases productivity of DBA.

Oracle provides the choice to select database product as per requirements. These products are available in various editions – Standard Edition, Express Edition and Enterprise Edition. Also oracle database products are available for wide range of operating systems from MS windows to various flavor of Unix like IBM AIX,HP UX, Solaris etc. Here organization can get best security for their databases by selecting any Unix OS for databases.

As mentioned earlier Oracle provides functionality that is beneficial at various level of

management like storage, networks or you can say complete IT infrastructures. It also has lot more for application developers. For developers Oracle PL/SQL is native language for highly scalable applications. It has various analytical functions that work very efficiently with huge amount of data. The list of features is in non-ending. Let us have glance at the bottom line feature that make Oracle outstanding:

✔Strictly business.

✔ Built-in Transparency.

✔ Internationalization (oracle comes in number of languages).

✔ Reduces cost of operations and always gives positive returns on investments, the thing that every organization is concern about.

✔ High performance.

There are lots and lots of technologies with in Oracle itself that help organization run its business better. It is all up to the organization to know and learn the required feature that can help it work efficiently and grow business. Many of the companies see the complexity behind the oracle administration. Here I would like to mention that complexity is mere the byproduct of being robust and flexible. One of the database administrators I know say very beautifully about oracle that “Oracle complex system with lots of beautiful features, just like an operating system”. Due to this reasons, Database Support of Oracle is also not easy.


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    • Naveed Ahmed 624 profile image

      Naveed Ahmed 

      3 years ago from Bahrain

      I want to know the alternatives to Oracle Database, I am a naive user to the Database World and need some guidance on implementing a Database with one of my blogs. I have little to no financial budget, so please guide me accordingly.

    • giteshtrivedi profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from USA

      Using these all features of Oracle we can get maximum benefits for our applications, hardware and storage.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      By reading this hub I can understand the cost,reliability and maintenance of the oracle database.


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