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Why RSS Feeds Are the Most Powerful Internet Marketing Tool

Updated on January 22, 2012

This is in response to the question on "Is an RSS feed of my hub on my blogger site considered content on the blog site?"

I have been doing public speaking about RSS feeds for over 5 years and it seems that people just do not understand how powerful RSS feeds really are.

The original question was asked if RSS feed content is considered content for your blog. The answer is No. It is a "version" of the same exact content on your blog, but a very powerful version and it can really get your message, expertise, and popularity out there fast if it is promoted correctly.

Bottom Line: If you are not using RSS feeds to promote your blog, you are hurting chances of your blog receiving visitors or worse, not getting your content or message to the right people.

While answering this question, Hubpage Gal said "An RSS feed is an automatic notification that a writer has produced content..." . I disagree with that. It is not a notification system at all. It is a syndication system and a very powerful one.

When I say syndication, I mean that the content from your blog will be syndicated on as many websites as you want. All website owners have to do is put your RSS feed into a RSS Parser and voila, your content is on their website getting your message out to all of their readers and website visitors. How cool is that?

If you give 50 website owners your RSS feed and they put they put your RSS feed on their website, you have now syndicated your website or blog content to all of those 50 websites and their readers all get to read your content. See how powerful this is?

It works this way for television reruns too. Take Two and Half Men. You can get new episodes on CBS, but you can get reruns on TBS and FOX networks. What is happening? All of the TBS and FOX viewers can now watch Two and Half men episodes and CBS now has a syndication channel on those networks getting MORE viewers to watch. Do you see the power here? RSS feeds and television reruns serve the same purpose.

Now, if YOUR content is being syndicated, as mentioned by Hubpages Girl, those website owners cannot claim that the content is theirs, but they need a small line giving you credit and that is all they need. That alone is enough promote your expertise and your business, so RSS Feeds can earn you fame and fortune if enough websites and blogs display them.

Any questions or disputes, please let me know in the comments.


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    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 5 years ago from New York

      Hey angela. I am here to help. I also just put a new video tutorial to display all your hubs using rss feeds.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      This is great information. Now I just have to look up how to do the RSS feeds.

    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 5 years ago from New York

      Hey Pascale1973. Yeah, it was a great question, but now the Google Adsense changes everything LOL.

      Ok. Google will not be placing ads on your blogger blog if you syndicate your content from your Hubpages RSS feed, because in my opinion, that would be a bad move from HubPages.

      I think your Hubpages RSS feed is simply your own content.

    • Pascale1973 profile image

      Pascale Skaf Saliba 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      A great hub based on an original question I asked but I didn't phrase my question correctly I guess what I'm trying to find out is this, I I write a hub here and google is placing Adsense advertisements on it, than I shared it on my blogger account, where I've signed up for my own Adsense account will google still place ads on the shared content or am I hurting myself by doing that?