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Cellphone Moms

Updated on March 20, 2017

Cellphone Gifts

There is no element of surprise anymore when it is time to open birthday presents because kids tell parents what they want way in advance.

Mobile phones are popular gifts and the latest ones for that matter. Most kids, driven by peer pressure, won't be caught dead with mobile phones that have been in the market for more than three years.

Rabbits don't have such demands on their parents because mobile phones are suicidal. Their ears are always pricked for the latest danger, not ringtones.

Jungle Etiquette

We think the law of the jungle is not written down, but it is, fed to the newly-born rabbit on day one. The species called human beings also has laws, most of them found in by-laws, regulations and acts of parliament that prohibit or allow certain behaviour.

Mobile phones have made it possible for us to find loopholes and get away with behaviour which might be criminal or anti-social.

We text and drive and kill people, before government makes a law against that, or influential personalities like Oprah Winfrey mount a campaign against texting and driving.

We regard ourselves as more superior than animals because we can read and write, talk on a mobile phone and change car gears at the same time. We use pen and paper (old school) but mostly, our fingers do the walking or caress mobile communication gadgets like tablets or phones.

What is good about animals is that they do not have educational qualifications such as B.Sc. or Ph.D. There is no illiterate animal in the jungle because they all have a Ph.D. in survival.

Animals use their highly developed sense of taste, smell, sound, sight and hearing to survive. We also have that but we continue to throw it in the garbage because we prefer to punch a gadget to know that it is going to rain or snow.

Rabbits, always waiting for the ringtone, the ringtone of danger.
Rabbits, always waiting for the ringtone, the ringtone of danger. | Source

Why Rabbits Refuse Mobile Phones

‘It will get us killed,’ said a rabbit that spoke on condition that we don’t reveal its identity.

Rabbits cannot afford to keep the eye off the ball because they are favourite food for pythons, eagles, coyotes and also big cats such as cougars that eat them as an appetiser, while waiting for the big fish, buffalos.

That is why rabbits cannot be glued to cell phones like humans. People in industrialized countries don’t fear that something terrible will happen while they are busy texting and updating their online pages.

They punch their phones even when crossing the street because pedestrians are royalty. Drivers are perceived as the bad guys. That is why most traffic laws favour pedestrians.

Infrastructure is quite stable in such countries so, a mobile phone user boards the bus, flashes her metro pass and takes a seat without looking at the driver or the person sitting next to her.

We are stressing industrialized countries because other countries have ‘don’t use your mobile phone’ zones, a warning for tourists. Someone could grab your phone and run away or ask you gently to give it to him. Resistance could lead to injury or death.

Endangered Speech

Garbage dumps are full of fax machines, vinyl records, 2009 cellphones and other things because we don’t use them anymore. It is the same with language, you lose it if you don't use it. We will also lose the ability to speak period.

Speech is handed down through mother and child, uncles and nieces/nephews, grandparents and school. We called certain people teachers because they taught us something about our countries, food, hygiene, nature and the world in general.

Languages will die if parents are not handing them down to their kids. Day care workers cannot do that for them, because they are also glued to their phones.

This might be fatal for inquisitive kids that have a lot of questions because the school system might label them as hyperactive and dump them in ‘special’ classes.

Speech, languages or whatever you call it hoodwinked us into thinking that we are superior to animals. That is why we label rape and child abuse as animalistic.

It is unacceptable behaviour. It is behaving outside certain social norms. We tend to forget that the jungle is like the United Nations General Assembly. All languages are spoken. Because we don’t know animal language, we think it doesn’t exist.

There is a law in the jungle and all wildlife abide by it. Failure to do so means instant death. Humans have abandoned their law because of mobile phones. They no longer need the immediate family to survive.


It might seem alarmist to suggest that we will lose the ability to speak because we ‘speak’ to mobile phones with our fingers. After all, we said the same thing about television, and the world did not come to an end.

The difference is that parents were able to monitor television content and the number of hours kids watched it, until parents decided to put television sets in four bedrooms if they had four kids.

The internet cannot be compared to television because of the content. Billions times 2 content. Massive. Mind blowing content, available 24/7, every waking moment, and very early in a child’s life if parents buy them phones and other gadgets when they are five or younger.

The Future?

Theatres tried it. Most cinemas have a message just before the featured movie begins, something to the effect that PLEASE SWITCH OFF MOBILE PHONES. We don’t.

The future? Nobody knows, because the positive outweighs the negative side of electronic communication gadgets such as mobile phones.


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