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Why is Symbian better than Android ?

Updated on January 28, 2014

Since the introduction of Android phones in the world market, it has defeated its natural rival - Symbian.But does Android really deserve the praise it is bestowed upon with? I choose to disagree with the common idea that Android phones are far better than the Nokia counterparts.Through this article, I've tried to come up with some valid arguments.

Powerful processors at the expense of poor hardware


1. Prices and Hardware Robustness

Android phones have been credited with providing the best technology at low prices.And as expected, the entire customer market is driven towards this 'bubble'. The reason I would call this so-called success, a bubble would be the fact that most of the people tend to ignore.
Android phones are equipped with extremely powerful processors, some even more powerful than the ones in modern day laptops.Customers tend to take this as a blessing, but what they don't see is how the manufacturers have managed to do this.They keep using the same software for all the phones, so there are no costs towards building a new OS, put aside the updates.Powerful processors don't come for free.To compensate the cost towards this, android phones are supplied with hardware of poor quality.Possibly, this is one of the reasons why phones like NOKIA are more robust and need less care than the android ones.That being said, it is safe to conclude that opting for an Android device would mean opting for poor hardware as well.


Ovi Maps vs Google Maps Experience

2. Ovi Maps outweigh Google Maps

People have heard more about Google maps a lot more than Nokia's Here platform mainly because of Google's dominance in the market and the promoted usage of Android tablets and smartphones as well.But those who have used both of these are quite contended with Nokia's 'Here' being the clear leader.Nokia was the first to launch offline maps and voice directions as well.Also, it powers all local search for Toyota car’s navigation services, and includes user generated content around points of interest.The video in the sidebar shows the user's reviews, according to which Nokia clearly defeats Google Maps in the maps experience.


3. Better Camera

Nokia began the revolution of adding high resolution cameras in the mobile phones, which a clear intention of Nokia's desire to digitize the world.Some may feel nothing special about it, but they were the first to do so, thus deserve a lot of credit.
Also, android phones don't have a dedicated camera button, which makes them sligtly difficult to handle while taking pictures.Sensors, optics and overall camera, video and picture quality are worse than their Nokia counterparts.


4. Huge Battery Life

Symbian phones were designed for low battery consumption, whereas the modern day android devices were designed for low cost and high performance.Even though android has many features which include battery optimization, it just can't beat Symbian phones in this field.

5. Data Connection not necessary

Most of the features in the android devices need an internet connection.Almost every activity is related to Google or any other service provider and it demands a network connection.The case is opposite with Symbian phones, which can be used easily without an internet connection.If you use a Nokia phone, you won't see any pop-ups from your apps begging for an internet connection.That isn't the case with the android users.


6. Variety to choose from

Android phones seldom offer any variety when you come to looks of the phone.All of them are touch phones, the only difference being the screen size.Nokia phones, on the other hand have a lot to offer like touch screen models, sliders, full qwerty and even the vintage models like 1100.

7. Version Control Issues with Android

Nokia phones don't have frequent version updates.This might sound as a negative feature, but isn't so.Rapid updates make it difficult for the developers to get adjusted to.It may so happen that the developer might start working on some software, and by the time the application was created, people had moved along with a new version.This problem with Android can be understood from the fact that Android has gone through 46 major and minor version updates since it was introduced in 2008.

8. No Private Data Sharing Issues

One common thing with all android users is the emphasis and promotion of Google accounts for almost every action on the web.Giving Google your personal information might mean the data you shared might pop up in some random Google search.Nokia users don't have to bother with such things as no such emphasis on using the Ovi account is done.


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    • profile image

      Bajaj 18 months ago

      I have been an android user for the last three years (java or symbian for 10 years before it) and let me tell u its totally rubbish!!! Its a os trying to do everything but does nothing properly. The battery consumption is too much. It crashes often. and most off all the csll function is an app!!!! And it has happened quite a few times that call got disconnected due to the app!!!! I mean the basic of the basic function of a phone is to make and recieve calls and android cannot do that!! Harsh but the reliabilty of android is nearly ZERO.

      i cease to use my android (sony xperia) and now i have my eyes set on the nokia n8 which is undoubtedly the king of all smartphones.

    • profile image

      Ravi 4 years ago

      Gained a new insight :P

    • profile image

      Suprita Sengupta 4 years ago

      Surely, I consider Android is much better, coz I use it lol!!!

      The Nokia horcrux comment is hilarious.