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Why Use A Blogging Calendar or Blog Editorial Calendar?

Updated on February 12, 2015

Why Use Blogging Calendars

When you are a freelancer, you're creating content all day long for other people. At the end of the day, blogging may be the last thing you have the energy to do. A blogging or editorial calendar can make it easier for your to kick-start ideas into posts so that you blog more regularly. This can boost your business website's placement in SERPs, raise your business brand awareness, attract new clients, and help you increase your income.

What is a blogging or editorial calendar?

A blogging calendar is a utility that allows you to schedule and plan out blog posts. If you have a stable of writers creating content for one blog and you need to assign content and deadlines to staff writers and freelance bloggers for hire, it can be invaluable.

A blog calendar also works well for just one writer, as it allows you to brainstorm post ideas and schedule upcoming posts, then get right to work when you are ready to write your posts.

There are many free blog editorial calendars out there. Popular choices include:

If you don't want to learn a new program, you can always use the calendaring app located on your smartphone or computer, or even use Google Calendar. Even a paper calendar or planner will work. Be creative!

Learn More About Blogging Calendars

How Can an Editorial Calendar Benefit Your Blog?

There are many productivity benefits to using a blog calendar. Benefits of scheduling posts with a calendar include:

  • Generate more ideas - Simply writing out everything you plan to blog about can actually give you more ideas. You might decide to do a series, or extend your related posts with "Top 5" roundups and the like.
  • Actually being accountable - Listing out your goals in the form of content creation can actually make you more accountable. You have the calendar, and you know you need to do it, so you go ahead and do it. There's much less accountability when an idea's only in your head.
  • Strategize your growth - When you lay everything out, your strategy becomes clear. When you step back and look at all the content you have scheduled, you're better able to grasp the larger picture. You can chart your future!
  • Increase engagement and revenue - For your readers, this translates to more regular content. It can help you grow a blog following, see more user interaction, connect with new leads, and earn more revenue from ads on your blog.

DIY Blog Calendar on Your Wall


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